October 2, 2022

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PHOTO: Winter City Day 2022 in pictures – News from Mures, Targu mures News

The celebration of the Iernut City Day, the 21st edition, started in Iernut since dawn with the fishing competition in which around 30 people participated, the youngest being 5 years old.

The winners were: Botoșer Alexandru – 1st place, Mărginean Armin – 2nd place, Deteșan Sabin – 3rd place.

Mini football

The first edition of the “Iernuțeana” Minifootball Cup was won by the “Galacticii” team, followed by “La Gilyenu” and “Huracan Iernut” on the podium.


The North team emerged victorious in the traditional North-South football match held at each of the 26 editions of the city celebration.

Story after… 2 years

The meeting of Iernuta writers after 2 years of the pandemic offered many surprises. Those present could see the new editorials from the last 2 years:

Cami Sasca presented us with her first volume of poems – “Silver Thread”;

Daniela Mărginean – the volume “Agapi mou”;

Gheorghe Andreica – “Monography of the Lechința township”;

Maria Dorina Pașca – “Usual Guide to Psychotherapies”;

Raluca Chiper – “Ceasul cel cel”;

Cornel Mărginean – “Notes and ideas about the soul”, “Prehistoric thinking”, “Mapping beauty”;

Petru Făgăraș – “Disappeared in the rainbow”.

Victor Șitiu and Rudy Moca completed the list of writers from Iernuta.

Handmade doll expo

In love with beauty, Raluca Chiper not only writes prose and poetry, she sews amazing dolls. The visitors were delighted by the little characters that, with love, enthusiasm and joy, the one who created them presented to them.

Paul Budușan photo expo

After the first exhibition organized in Iernut in 2018, the photographer artist Paul Budușan welcomed his admirers at the opening of the second one, entitled “Images from… the soul”, which took place at the Iernut House of Culture, on Sunday, August 14, 2022.

Paul Budușan is part of the most important international communities of wedding photographers: Fearless Photographers, MyWed, Wedding Photography Select, Fotografi-Cameramani and has several nationally and internationally awarded photographs.

Awarding the title of honorary citizen

The events on the occasion of the 2022 City Days celebration, held these days in Iernut, give us the opportunity to recognize the exceptional personality, reputation, professional prestige and moral standing of a member of the Iernut community, Rudolf Moca, known to most of us as Rudy Moca or “Father Rudy.”

Considering that the entire activity of this brilliant representative of our community expresses seriousness, depth as well as a great fairness combined with an unusual work force, the City Hall and the Iernut Local Council expressed its appreciation towards an illustrious teacher, actor, writer, man of television and radio and invites him, with great gratitude.

Excellence in Education, Awarded

The following students who had special merits in the 2021-2022 school year were awarded: Oltean Alexia, Fodor Anita, Biris Emanuel-Cosmin, Murșa Vlad Ovidiu.

At the same time, the Diploma of Excellence was awarded to the educator Demeter Elisabeta Iolanda for a special career, which ended this year.

Special diplomas

“Golden Age” Diplomas were also awarded to people who turned 95 this year, Mrs. Kovacs Catalin having the venerable age of 100 years. 95-year-old Fătășan Maria and 95-year-old Șimon Rozalia were also on the list of awardees.

The “Golden Diploma” was also awarded to couples who celebrated 50 years of marriage this year.

Last but not least, Diplomas of Excellence were awarded to artists from Iernu, Rareș Măcinică, Ioana Albu, Roxana Iagăr and Carina Avram.

Open air theater

The Camp of the Wolf Knights and the “Stegarilor de Mureș” demonstration, the Dracones dance troupe, the actors from the Scena theater and the Scaramouche troupe delighted with their talent.


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