October 2, 2022

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PHOTO REPORT: Traditional feast at Sărmașu City Days – Mures News, Mures Targu News

The surprises from the Sărmașu City Days were not far from the taste buds either! After the inauguration of the Secondary School and the exceptional show that took place at the Cultural Home, Friday, August 26, gathered in the center of the city of Sărmașu representatives of the villages belonging to it and not only, who “competed” in culinary crafts that especially.

Traditional specialties were served and tasted such as: cold platters with different sausages, cheeses and fresh vegetables, sarmales, various salads, goulas or stews made on a wood fire, specific to the areas from which the representatives were, rotisserie pork, pies with all kinds of fillings, puffs, cakes, doughnuts, pancakes, scones, pancakes and much more. Of course, the packed tables couldn’t miss the Romanian palinca, the wine and, possibly, the beer.

About traditional dishes

“We came with traditions from our grandmother, palanets with cheese, with cabbage, with plums, pretzels, cozonac, sarmales, bread, cake. The tent and the lipids we have woven with our own hands. The recipes are learned from the elders, from our mothers. We put flour, yeast and water in the dough, but now we knead them with milk because they last longer. After we knead them, we bake them in the oven. To drink we have sour cherry, plum brandy and older and newer”, said a representative of the Sărmășel Gară stand.

Şustăr Voichița, representative of the stand from Balda, told: “Of course, like everyone else, I also prepared something, as my mother taught me. Tarts, curd pies and cheese pies. I also made apple cake, but that was finished quickly”.

The representatives of Vișinelu village were also present, and Marinel Vamoș, the president of the Cultural-Traditional Association “Fiii Satului” Vișinelu, together with the vice-president of the Association, Ștefan Hădărean, shared something about their stand.

“We are participating with our own stand and we have brought some dishes from the traditional pantry of the village and we have also prepared a traditional cauldron. Our association wants to revive the old tradition, the culture, the folk port and make our village known on a national and even international level”, specified the president of the association.

Vegan delicacies or grilled pork?

A special stand was that of the representatives of the Adventist Church in Sărmașu, where all the products on the table were plant-based. Alauș Elena provided some information: “We have vegan dishes, made from grains, vegetables and fruits. We have lentil paste, we have cashew, rice and almond cream, sardines, potato meatballs, lentil schnitzel, celery paste, cauliflower with popcorn flavor, hummus, wheat burger, vegan cake. All are baked, not fried. This is how we live, my whole family is like this. This is how I was born and this is how my children and grandchildren are raised”.

One of the representatives from Zau de Câmpie spoke about the recipe for pork on the proțap: “We have pork on the rotisserie here. It’s cut a few days before, it’s cooked, then, when it’s put on the rotisserie, it’s made into a ember. After 10-15 minutes, after it gives it color, wrap it in foil, boil it, then take the foil off and let it fry. That’s the whole secret. The batter that is put on it is made of garlic, a little beer, ingredients”.

Together with the officials, everyone present enjoyed themselves, eating to their heart’s content, telling stories, carrying on the traditions and stories of the Romanian nation.


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