May 28, 2023

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PHOTO REPORT: Sovata, decorated with pumpkins and joy – Stiri din Mures, Stiri Targu mures

October is about aromas, senses and autumn. Autumn is about warm colors, which warm the cold outside so well that it becomes pleasant to walk, breathe and listen. Toamna has a holiday home in Sovata, there in Mureș county, where tourists often go in the summer to swim in the beautiful Lake Ursu. But autumn goes there in October, when it’s not so rainy and people come rather to walk, to breathe it, to listen to it… However, during the weekend of October 14-16, the autumn of Sovata was the host of the the 7th edition of the “Pumpkin Festival”, an event organized by the Sovata City Hall, in partnership with Visit Sovata, the Sovata Tourism Association and Visit Mureș, and was very proud to leave its mark in every corner, helped by those who set up this event with great enthusiasm.

Activities for all ages

Thus, Fülöp László Zsolt, the mayor of the city of Sovata shared with the daily newspaper Zi de Zi, a few words about this autumn show that took place in the city he manages.

“We are at the seventh edition of the Pumpkin Festival.” After two years of absence, we are very very happy that we managed to organize and be here. The weather seems to be with us this weekend. We have tried to organize activities for all ages and generations and I am firmly convinced that whoever takes the time to visit our festival this weekend will find something that will help them recharge with good energy, put aside everyday problems, so that we can then more easily deal with the problems that surround us. Year after year, the decorations and decoration of the city with pumpkins were done by the students from kindergarten, primary grades and including older grades, even up to high school. We have a jury that awards these works, which are the most creative, the most beautiful. Likewise this year, they will be awarded and bring joy to all of us, both those who create and us, who look at these creations. For many years we have started to reinvigorate the resort and through infrastructure which is very important, but not only, because hosting tourists and the events we manage to make available to them are also a priority. So, now that the pandemic period has passed and we can sit next to each other, we even take advantage of this opportunity and absorb as many tourists as possible to keep the reputation of the resort going,” said the mayor of Sovata happily.

The streets of Sovata were invaded by playful pumpkins, but not just any, but dressed in various characters, having various colors and shapes. They attracted attention at every step, performing in front of the tourists. Various producers also attracted attention, who at every step exhibited their products brought from various parts. Cart full of books, toys and handmade products, homemade sweets, pickles and jams, bee products, lavender products, various types of brandy, natural juices, fruits and vegetables, autumn decorations and besides all this many children, many people who they contributed perfectly to the festive atmosphere that graced the air.

Exhibition about the beautiful county of Mureș

The representative of the “Visit Mureș” Association, Gall Boglarka, also shared about the joy of hosting such an event in Mureș county:

“In recent years, Sovata has become more and more sought after by Romanian and foreign tourists, especially for the countless therapeutic and relaxation possibilities it offers. In Mureș county it is one of the most sought-after places, and the “Pumpkin Festival” is the most important celebration of the area, a true symphony of colors, tastes and aromas in one place, for this reason we, the “Visit Mureș” Association we wanted to participate, to contribute something to make the event even more colorful”.

So, in order to contribute to a better knowledge of the places and their history, after the walks on the colorful streets of Sovata, those who wanted had the opportunity to complete their knowledge through the “Mureș de odinioara” exhibition, hosted by “Visit Mureș” , in collaboration with the Azopan Photo Library. In addition to this, they could also see the “Instagram” wall, with favorite places of tourists from Mureș County.

The policemen, with the children

Special activities dedicated to everyone took place during the three days, concerts with special artists, including the band 3 SudEst, Kowalsy meg a Vega, Honeybeast, Road of Life, Szintaxis, No sugar and Pesty Snowband. Also, the police officers from Mures met on Friday, October 14, in the center of the Sovata resort, with over 150 children who curiously attended the traffic lessons, having discussions and gathering important information.

“Discussions were held about the rules that must be followed on the street, crossing the street through the specially arranged places, the meaning of the colors of the electric traffic lights, the choice of playgrounds safe from any danger. The main attraction was the mobile laboratory, with the help of which the children understood the traffic rules much more easily and how to prevent any potential danger. Such activities take place to prevent the victimization of minors through road accidents, which will continue in the coming period”, informed the Press Office of the Mureș County Police Inspectorate.

Now, Autumn is a little tired in her holiday home in Sovata, because it was a weekend full of a lot of adventure… She’s catching her breath a little, but she’s not leaving, on the contrary, if you need an escape, she’s waiting for you at a tea, to a warm kurtos kalacs, on a bench, to a ray of sunshine and a book, to a walk enveloped by the rustle of falling leaves and the roar of the bear… of the lake, sorry.


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