March 29, 2023

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PHOTO REPORT: New chapel in Bălăuşeri – Mures News, Mures Targu News

On Wednesday, August 3, the ceremony for the consecration of the new chapel took place in the Bălăuşeri commune of Mures. It was a necessity in the commune, as there was no such place yet.

Along with the officials present at the event, namely the mayor of the commune, Varga András Adorján, the deputy mayor of the commune, Magyarosi Győző and Kovács Mihály-Levente, vice president of the Mureș County Council, four representatives of the four religious cults in Bălăușeri, as well as local residents, also participated.

Projects for the community

The mayor of Bălăușeri commune, Varga András Adorján, expressed, in the opening, his enthusiasm for the realization of this project, through which the evolution and development of the locality is seen to be more and more flourishing.

“This building is a particularly important pillar in terms of the desolation of Bălăușeri, it is the realization of a real need, which we hope will be followed by many others, because we have many plans and several projects won in Bălăușeri. The final touches are being made to the rehabilitation of the Cultural Home. In the construction of the sewer network we encountered problems due to lack of materials and excessive prices, but we are trying to find solutions and hope to have the system functional by spring. The other day we won a project for the water supply of Bălăușeri and Chendu. Taking advantage of the opportunity that the vice-president of the County Council is also present, on behalf of the Bălăușeri commune I would like to thank you for your support and guidance, the supply of drinking water is the most urgent problem of our commune, due to the lack of precipitation many wells have dried up and several households they ran out of water. We have several projects under evaluation, such as: the rehabilitation of the human dispensary, the rehabilitation of the City Hall, the construction of the agro-food market, the construction of a modern nursery, the energy rehabilitation of the secondary school in Bălăușeri, the modernization of public lighting and the construction of a bicycle path between Bălăușeri and Chendu they are in the preparation-project phase. From our own funds, we are changing the roof of the kindergarten, setting up new group rooms and establishing a group with an extended program”, the mayor of the locality pointed out.

The chapel project began in 2017, during the term of the former mayor, István Sagyebó. As the current mayor told, the project actually had two phases: “The first phase was the construction of the chapel itself, for which the budget reached somewhere around 500 thousand lei including VAT, and after that the development of the land, the asphalting of the connecting road and the construction of a new road connecting the chapel to the E60”. For the latter, the allocated budget was 300 thousand lei. The entire project of the mortuary was realized using the local budget, and their reception took place on the very first day of the mandate of the mayor Varga András Adorján, in October 2020.

The Vice President of the County Council, Kovács Mihály-Levente, also addressed a few words at the event in Bălăușeri: “The construction of a chapel is very important in the life of a commune. The funeral home in Bălăușeri is a place created through joint effort, which is a living example of a pternic, developing, willing and active community, fighting for peace and mutual support. As the mayor also said, this chapel is only part of the development of the commune of Bălăuşeri, because at this moment several important and necessary projects are underway. You can count on the support of the Mureș County Council, so that this commune can continue to develop”.

At the end of the event, the consecration of the new chapel took place.


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