June 5, 2023

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PHOTO REPORT: Icon painting camp in Cristești – Mures News, Targu Mures News

Icon painting, interactive games, prayers, watching movies, sports, fishing, songs by the campfire… All these brought joy to the souls of over 40 children who participated in the second edition of the Camp icon painting on glass “Let’s know God through the icon”, organized between August 23 – 28, 2022 by the Romanian Orthodox Parish “St. Archid. Ștefan” Cristești – parish priest Bogdan Racoți, in collaboration with the City Hall and the Cristești Local Council and SC Gliss Ella SRL. The children participating in the camp learned the secrets of painting on glass, but they also discovered what the joys and peace that the Church offers you mean, they learned to follow rules and help those younger than them. There was no lack of fun, socializing activities: games, stories, fishing or singing by a wonderful campfire.

The activities were enormously successful among the children and parents, all thanks to the involvement of Father Racoți and some volunteers, but also to the effort of some parents who sponsored the camp with the evening meal. The event was carried out without the parents having to pay, the expenses being covered by the parish, sponsors and volunteers.

First day

The camp started on Tuesday, August 23. The children, guided by the parish priest Bogdan Racoți, got involved in the first activities, which had as their final goal to learn how to discover God. After the morning prayer, together with the volunteers Maria, Medea and Georgian, the children started to get to know each other through some games. Discussions followed in which Father Racoți explained the mysteries of the Church to the little ones. After lunch, the Camp participants were initiated into painting, the basic concepts being explained to them. Interactive games followed, and in the evening the children watched the movie “The Story of Jesus”. The day ended with evening prayer, a slice of pizza and a piece of fruit was served, and each child went home.

The second day

After the morning prayer, through an interactive game, the children discovered what the Church is. Then the day continued with other interactive games. After lunch under the coordination of the glass painting teachers Manole Emilia and Vodă Vasile, also helped by Horațiu Călugăr, the children started making the icons. In the evening, after other interactive games, a film was shown through which the children learned details about the life and activity of Iosif. The day ended with the evening prayer, and then the participants partook of the delicious donuts lovingly prepared by the faithful Radu Rodica and Santa Rozalia!

The third day

The third day of the camp started with the morning prayer, after which, through an interactive game, the children discovered the importance of Holy Confession and Holy Communion. The morning was completed with other interactive games. After the children had lunch, they continued to make the icons on the glass, under the coordination of the two painting teachers. In the evening, after other interactive games, a film was watched through which the children found out who Moses is and what he did. The day ended with the evening prayer, and then the participants partook of the delicious hot dogs lovingly prepared by the Adrian and Larisa Năsăudean family!

Prayer, games and sports

Friday, August 26, was the fourth day of the camp. The children participated in the Holy Liturgy performed by father Racoți Bogdan and partook of the Body and Blood of the Lord. After the interactive games, sports activities followed on the grounds of the Cristești School, coordinated by the director Albert Zoltan. The dinner was offered by the Muntean Adrian and Augustina family.

Painting, fishing and campfire songs

The fifth day of the camp was more special, in which the icons were completed thanks to the care of the painting teachers. In addition, the children participated in various interactive games and watched the movie “The Lion King”, through which the participants were able to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. In the evening, dinner was served at the “La Nufărul” fishing complex in Cristești, where the parents of the children who participated in the camp were also invited. The goulash was offered by the Rus Adela and Virgil, Ghiurita Laszlo, Mesaroș Andrei families. Participants socialized, played and fished. The campfire and the beautiful camp songs performed on the guitar by Maria Racoți, father Racoți’s daughter, completed a very beautiful day.

On Sunday, August 28, the icons made by the approximately 40 children were consecrated at the “St. Stefan” from Cristești. Then, it was handed to the children who made them. The children went home very happy with their achievement, after a week in which they learned to be more patient, more polite and… better painters. Through this article, the parents of the children participating in the camp thank Father Bogdan Racoți once again and the volunteers involved in the smooth running of the Glass Icon Painting Camp for this beautiful event that brought even more light into the souls of the little ones.

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