September 29, 2022

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PHOTO REPORT: Excellence in education awarded in Sărmașu – News from Mures, News Targu mures

During the weekend of August 26-28, Sărmașu City Days took place, which were celebrated in a background of positive energy, together with wonderful people. The beginning of the event was special and important for the city, being the inauguration of the Sărmașu Secondary School, which benefited from an extensive rehabilitation and modernization project.

Thus, gathered in the school yard, the mayor of the city, the priests meant to support the consecration service, the invited officials and the public attended the beginning of the singing of the National Anthem. After the TeDeum service, the mayor’s opening speech, ec. Valer Botezan, and the speeches of the local and county officials, followed by a moment in which the work of the Sarmas students who distinguished themselves in the last school year was rewarded, and the Sarmas souls who contributed to laying the foundation and the building of great people were , also appreciated the work they have done continuously for decades.

Respect for teachers

The mayor of Sărmașu, ec. Valer Botezan, for the beginning, handed out awards to those who once contributed to the good functioning of education in Sarmaș.

“My dears, I am moved because no one can rise by himself. There has to be someone to give you a hand, to help you up. And today, as the mayor, because I decided to award and pay tribute to all retired teachers, I am particularly moved because I see my kindergarten teacher here as well. I see here the math teacher, Mr. Jucan, to whom I owe everything I am today. There are certainly many other teachers who reached out to me and helped me to become who I am today. The most important thing is to give them due respect, to pay tribute to them and not to forget that without them we would not have reached anything in life. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart”, warmly conveyed mayor Valer Botezan.

The elites of the young generation from Sarma

The students who stood out in the 2021-2022 school year were also awarded, their performance also being rewarded financially. Thus, the following students who obtained an average above 9.00 in the National Assessment stood out: Hulpe Delia (9.37), Vărzar Maria Andreea (9.27), Șugar Codruța Pompilia (9.10).

Students who obtained an average above 9.00 in the Baccalaureate Exam: Iordache Adela Maria (9.93), Saxon Aura Cristina (9.83), Mureșan Raul Călin (9.66), Neamțiu Cosmin Adrian (9.63), Huzdup Monica (9.58), Dâmbian Antonio Gabriel (9.31).

Olympic students: Nagy Rachel (sports competition, county phase), Cenan Olivia (Romanian Language and Literature competition – monologue, national phase), Deac Georgiana Paula and Smoleac Diana Minerva (National Olympiad “Universe of Knowledge through Reading”, national phase).

Prizes were also given to students from Sarmas who graduated from high schools in other localities with outstanding results: Călugăr Darius, Tușinean Iulia Bianca, Socaciu Andreea Ioana, Dreptate Marcela Denisa, Jucan Codruța, Șugar Alexandra Bianca, Saxon Darius, Oltean Daria, Molnar Brigitta Szidonia, Porkolab Arabella Renata, Veniger Hermina Noemi, Szisze Noemi and Ungurean Niculina Daniela.


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