March 25, 2023

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PHOTO: Mures ISU intervention at a simulated accident, with radioactive risk – News from Mures, News Targu mures

On Tuesday, October 25, starting at 10:00 p.m., an exercise was held on the theme “Management of an emergency situation generated by a road accident involving radioactive substances”. The exercise took place in the field, in the municipality of Târgu Mureș, Barajului street.

The tactical situation simulated in this exercise consisted in the occurrence of a road accident, between a van carrying a radioactive substance, from an economic operator – distributor of natural gas, inside which there were two people and a car in which, at the time the impact, there were five people.

Through the information received from the caller, DIAU 112 has information related to the identity of the radioactive substance, as well as the number and condition of the victims, and the firefighters from the Târgu Mureș Fire Department are subsequently notified, who immediately go to the scene of the event with forces and means of intervention , with a crew from the Reghin Fire Department also being mobilized. At the same time, the leadership of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations “Horea” of Mureș county is also announced, the event being immediately reported to IGSU and DSU. It is ordered to activate the Operative Group and move it to the field, the command of the intervention being taken over by the First Deputy Chief Inspector, colonel Buhăianu Cristian.

Upon the arrival of the crews, protective measures are in place in accordance with the degree of contamination risk specific to the substance involved in the event for all participants in the intervention, the location of the CBRN decontamination tent, the Victim Collection Point, the Mobile Command Point and the Medical Point are operationalized Advanced for the assistance of the victims involved in the accident, at a distance of 100 meters, according to the procedures in force.

After the execution of the reconnaissance in the field by the CBRN crews, it is found that the event involves seven imprisoned, unconscious victims, and due to the fuel leaks and the presence of the radioactive substance, the possibility of a fire outbreak and the exposure of the municipality of Târgu Mureș to a high radiation dose. Specific fire prevention and extinguishing measures are ensured and extrication maneuvers are applied for all seven victims involved, constantly ensuring individual protection and decontamination measures, as a result of a possible exposure to the radioactive source. After the execution of the decontamination maneuvers, both for the own staff and for the released victims, the victims are taken over by the staff of the first aid and medical assistance vehicles, respectively by the medical staff of the UPU
Târgu Mureș participating in the intervention. Later, the balance sheet of the victims is communicated – five victims of code red and two victims of code yellow, picked up and transported in the shortest possible time to the hospital units.

During the exercise, the following forces and means were deployed: two water and foam extinguishing vehicles, two vehicles for transporting multiple victims, the Mobile Command Point, the CBRN vehicle, two extrication vehicles, two B2 ambulances, a personnel transport vehicle, as well as a number of 50 soldiers from ISU Mureș.

We thank both colleagues for their active involvement in these types of activities aimed at professional improvement, as well as all the forces that came to support the exercise in optimal conditions!

We remind all citizens that the unique number 112 is intended exclusively for emergency calls!

(Information and Public Relations Department, ISU “Horea” of Mureș County)

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