December 9, 2022

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PHOTO: “Augustin Maior” gymnasium, at the start of a new school year – Mures News, Targu Mures News

“Augustin Maior” Reghin Secondary School opened its doors on Monday, September 5 for a new school year. The Regina high school starts with a total of 17 classes in the primary cycle, of which 12 classes are taught in Romanian and 5 are taught in German. Regarding the high school cycle, a total of 14 classes are planned for this school year, 10 of which are taught in Romanian and 4 classes are taught in German.

A new, fascinating world

The most emotional were those who stepped on the threshold of a school for the first time, encouraged from the first day by the school management led by the director Cristina Beldean.

“A new beginning means a new chance, it means a road on which we start with fresh forces, with the hope that we will achieve more this year than last year. The beginning is felt differently, as is natural for each of us. For some, the first day of school is a unique experience of entering an educational institution, into the classroom. I am referring here to the most emotional of us, i.e. the students of the preparatory classes but also to the parents who bring their first child to school. It is natural for it to be so, because for the first time they are entering a new, totally unknown world, with a new collective, in a fascinating world that opens the doors of knowledge to them together with the teacher”, stated Prof. Cristina Beldean, the director of the “Augustin Maior” Gymnasium in Reghin.

Reghin Police, close to the students

The Christian blessing of the new school year was brought by father Ilie Șut, followed by the message sent to students, teachers and parents by the Reghin Municipal Police.

“The Romanian Police expects you to have a successful year, with very good results and successfully overcome challenges. We guarantee you that we, the police, are among those who offer you support, safety and understanding. Our objective and that of the teaching staff is to provide a healthy education to children by transmitting the values ​​of fairness, tolerance and respect. Our message is that we will support you in the effort to be close to the children, to know their wishes and concerns. We assure you that they will be with you near the educational institution, on the routes to school and home. We hope that this day will remain a beautiful memory. We wish everyone a school year full of success and fulfillment and assure you of our full availability to collaborate as partners in the education process. Good luck in the new school year”, stated principal agent Andreea Mera, Reghin Municipality Police.

News of the new school year

The 2022-2023 school year brings some news regarding the teaching staff at “Augustin Maior”, Roxana Gliga (tenured teacher at the Romanian section), Oana Pintilie (professor of English), Simon Maria-Magdolna (professor of ICT), Sorin Franc (professor of Orthodox religion), Marius Cătrințașu (professor of evangelical religion), Daniela Boțan (professor of technological education), Both Hédi Katalin (prof. geography, German section) will join the existing teaching staff for the new school year.

Thus, this school year, the following teachers will be in the primary classes department of the “Augustin Maior” Secondary School:

Class 0 A, prof. mayor Rodica Pușcaș;

Class 0 C, prof. mayor Emilia Frandeș;

Class 0 D, prof. mayor Melinda Martina Zey;

Class I A, prof. mayor Roxana Gliga;

First Class C, prof. mayor Angela Sturza;

Class I D, prof. mayor Ioan Mera;

Class I E, prof. mayor Cristina Man;

Class II A, prof. mayor Mihaela Gabriela Bugnariu;

Class II C, prof. mayor Maria Camelia Rusu;

Class II D, prof. mayor Szabo Ingrid Esthera;

Building II E, prof. inv. mayor Nisztor Eniko;

Class III A, prof. mayor Monica Braicu;

Class III C, prof. Mayor Mirela Cheita;

Class III D, prof. mayor Gerlinde Tămășan;

Class IV A, prof. mayor Mihaela Anca Şerban;

Class IV C, prof. Mayor Baki Aurora Claudia;

Class IV D, prof. mayor Klein-Nagy Ramona.

In the secondary school classes, the directors are the following:

Class V A, Prof. Geanina Crăciun;

Class V C, Prof. Grigore Moldovan;

Grade V D, Prof. Crăcium Hajnalka;

Class VI A, Prof. Constantin Bozdoc;

Class VI C, Prof. Mihaela Zaharie;

Class VI D, Prof. Klein Ana Maria;

Class VII A, Prof. Teodora Vultur;

Grade VII C, Prof. Elena Crăciun;

Class VII D, Prof. Cristina Moldovan;

Grade VII E, Prof. Răzvan Bucin;

Class VIII A, Prof. Victor Cârje;

Class VIII C, Prof. Paula Făgărășan;

Grade VIII D, Prof. Ramona Tulbure;

Class VIII E, Prof. Benkö Kinga.

“The 2022-2023 school year will have 36 weeks, until June 16, 2023, structured on 5 learning modules. There will be no more semesters, but an entire school year structured on 5 modules, with 5 vacation periods, longer, shorter, depending on the moment. The 8th grades, as usual, will finish a week earlier, i.e. on June 9, 2023. Another novelty is that theses will no longer be mandatory and there will be only one average, i.e. the annual average, for each discipline, calculated as the arithmetic mean of the number of grades awarded during the entire school year. The 8th graders also have a surprise. Middle school averages have been removed from the calculation of the high school admission average, so the result from the national assessment will matter a lot. Also, in the exam subjects there is a new program, somewhat similar or not to the original one, which was before the pandemic. So I can only wish you much success and sport in your studies”, stated Prof. Cristina Beldean who conveyed a last thought to the students before the school enters its full rights for a new school year.

“I wish you to be first and foremost healthy, to enjoy every moment and to strive as much as you can, both in terms of learning and in establishing the friendships and friendships that you will acquire and why not, let’s try to feel good together. I wish you all a nice day. Thank you”, concluded the principal of the “Augustin Maior” Secondary School in Reghin.


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