May 28, 2023

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(P) Romanian wines conquered Italy, at Milan Wine Week, the biggest wine festival in Europe

Romanian wines are writing history, reaching Italy for the first time, where wine lovers from all over the world had the opportunity to discover them and be amazed by the unique flavors of our viticulture.

They shined in the spotlight at Palazzo Bovara in Milan during one of the most important international events dedicated to wine, Milan Wine Week, attended by over 10,000 people.

More than 30 labels from 14 Romanian wineries were this year’s stars in the fashion capital, where producers, tasters, oenologists, experts and wine lovers from all over the world had the opportunity to meet them in a premiere for the Italian market. These are part of the exclusive program Carrefour Deschidem Vinul Românesc, which from 2019 aims to support local wine producers and make Romanian wine a national brand.

Among the assortments are classic premium selections, but also lesser-known varieties of Romanian viticulture, such as Crâmpoșia, Negru de Drăgășani, Șarba, Tămăioasa Românească, Feteasca Regală, Cadarca, but also others, about which Marinela Ardelean, wine expert and ambassador ” We are opening Romanian Wine”, the Carrefour exclusive program, he told the passionate audience.

“We are happy to be part of the initiatives whose purpose is to make the local winemaking potential known to the world. Our participation in Milan Wine Week was particularly important because, together with our partner – Carrefour Romania -, we were able to show the progress that Romania has made in recent years in everything that means the wine segment, so that we can become competitive at European level. We have been part of the Open Romanian Wine program since the beginning because we believed in Carrefour’s approach to promoting Romanian wine both internally and externally. In Milan, we were present with two wines made from international varieties – Pinot Noir vinified rosé and Sauvignon Blanc – both are part of the edition made exclusively for Carrefour, the Mysterium Limited Edition. We adopted the strategy of presenting wines made from international varieties to be easier for Italian consumers to evaluate, and the public was particularly delighted with our wines. At the moment, we are developing new wines produced from local varieties, such as Feteasca Regală, and we intend to intensively promote this variety, being the largest producer of Feteasca Regală in the country.” – Mihai Bălănescu, National Sales Director of Crama Jidvei.

Wines from Romanian varieties, the most appreciated in Italy

Romanian wines set the tone in wine on October 9, the day dedicated to Romania within the festival, the most appreciated varieties being Tâmioasa Românească, Negrul de Drăgășani, Busuioaca de Bohotin and Feteasca Neagră.
Tâmiaoasa Românească has become an emblematic variety for our country. It is the most cultivated aromatic variety, spreading in all the wine-growing regions of the country and with an age of over 2000 years. Produced in all varieties – dry, demi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet, it delighted the public with its aromas ranging from incense, basil, rosemary and other dried aromatic herbs, elderflowers and acacia, to white orchard fruits, apricots and peaches. summer.

“A perfect wine for a traditional Italian dessert. I was surprised by the refreshing taste and aroma. I didn’t know about the wine industry in Romania. It was a pleasure to discover these specific Romanian varieties here today. I am a wine lover and I am also a small wine producer in Italy. I came because I want to discover new producers and better understand the uniqueness of each area. Romanian wines deserve to be appreciated abroad. You have unique and very good varieties! It was a pleasure to be here and listen to Marinela. I will definitely try Romanian wines again, maybe I will even schedule a visit to the wineries from the program Deschidem Vinul Românesc” says a local wine producer from Italy, participating in the event.

Another traditional variety was popular at Milan Wine Week among the participants of the four Masterclasses held by Marinela Ardelean – Negru de Drăgășani, about which the Italians told the RAI television station that “Although it is cultivated in small quantities, it is a a wine that deserves to be discovered at least once in a lifetime.”

Bohotin basil is another established variety that won over the critics in Milan. Specific to the region of Moldova, the indispensable wine on the table of the Romanians conquered the Italians with aromas of rose petals, aromatic herbs, dried flowers, sweet cherries, strawberries, melons and jams.

Feteasca Neagră produces red and rose wines and successfully represents all wine regions of Romania. Considered to be among the first grape varieties domesticated by man, with an age difficult to estimate correctly, it was one of the most appreciated wines at Milan Wine Week.

About the Open Romanian Wine program, developed by Carrefour Romania

Deschidem Vinul Românesc is a long-term national program with the mission of supporting the Romanian wine industry and putting Romania on the international wine map. The program’s wine experts travel the country visiting wineries, from well-known brands to the small businesses of local producer families, in search of new wines to promote nationally. After tasting and selecting the wines, program consultants support winemakers in branding, promotion and distribution efforts to successfully break into modern retail.

It is not the first time that Romanian wines are appreciated abroad. In 2021, on the very national day of Romania, they arrived in New York, as part of an action to support local wine within the “Open Romanian Wine” Program, carried out by Carrefour, in partnership with “The Iconic Estate” and Marinela Ardelean , international wine critic. The unique tasting event brought together over 40 journalists, international experts, importers and authorities who tasted, for the first time, 6 Romanian wines, made from 5 local varieties, some of which are grown exclusively in Romania.

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