March 25, 2023

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Open doors at CRRN Luduș – News from Mures, News Targu mures

Since 2014, the Luduș Neuropsychiatric Recovery and Rehabilitation Center (CRRN) takes care of the needs of a category of disadvantaged people, young and elderly, men and women with serious neuropsychiatric disabilities with severe handicaps. CRRN is a public institution of county interest within the structure and coordination of the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection (DGASPC) Mureș and subordinated to the Mureș County Council. Currently, at CRRN Luduș, 88 adults with disabilities receive specialized care, both elderly and young people from the residential social protection system, aged between 18 and 88, people who do not have the opportunity to receive assistance and medical care in the family they come from.

Various activities

Thursday, September 29, 2022, in the presence of delegations from six County Directorates, Alba, Arad, Cluj, Mureș, Sălaj and Sibiu, as well as friends, sponsors and officials from the city of Luduș, the head of the Ovidiu Center Tănasie Baghiu delivered a welcome to those present, saying that: “We opened wide not only our gate, but also our soul, to welcome you into our house and to make our life story known to you. Every day, each person writes a new page in the book of life. (….) We invite you, therefore, for a few moments to get closer to these people to get to know their life stories. A life and a destiny that is not kind to them… because the disease that these people suffer from has no cure. But, it is an asset to move forward and to fight not only with destiny, but also with the prejudices of those around (….)”.

The day’s program included a surprising photo exhibition with aspects of the beneficiaries’ lives, a mini-football tournament for male and female teams, a prayer of blessing spoken by the Orthodox father Viorel Ormenișan, a visit to the Center building, the viewing of a video promoting social services and an artistic program in which the Center’s beneficiaries were the protagonists. A moment of socialization followed, with a cold plate and oven-baked sausages, during which there was also an exchange of experience between the delegates from the six counties.

Guest speeches

Special guests were also present at this edition of “Open Doors” who gave speeches:

Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Așileanu, vice-president of the Monitoring Council regarding the implementation of the UN Convention for Persons with Disabilities: “Our activity is the monitoring of all psychiatric centers and hospitals in Romania and we ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities and the dignity of these persons are respected and we we contribute to the improvement of living conditions, in an optimal framework for all beneficiaries. I really liked the Luduș center because I saw a presentation that Mr. Ovidiu Baghiu sent us when he had a presentation in Strasbourg and I was particularly impressed by the conditions offered, by the dedication and professionalism of the employees who I do my duty in an exemplary manner and put my soul into everything I do.”

Ioan Ovidiu Sabău, former member of the national football team: “Thank you for the invitation I received. I consider your work to be of great importance to the people you care for with such love and devotion. After this event I am richer in soul and my presence here makes me reevaluate my feelings. I am impressed by the conditions offered to those in need. People with disabilities teach us about courage, motivation and vulnerability, they teach us that you can do sports and cultural activities, but in a different way. I particularly appreciate DGASPC Mureș and the staff here, from Luduș”.

Kis Istvan, the deputy mayor of Luduș: “What we see here daily, in this Center, obliges us, the local authority, to help you and be with you as much as possible. I confess to you that every time I come here for various activities I am impressed and leave a little sad because I see the suffering and at the same time I am happy and optimistic because I see the involvement of everyone, those who dedicate their time, strength and soul to these people, who they give us life lessons day by day. We must be with an open heart and soul with the people here. I congratulate you on the way you carry out your activity”.

Ovidiu Tănasie Baghiu thanked those present, hosts and guests stating that “Open Doors Day” from CRRN Luduș is “a day in which we must remember to be better, more humane, closer to the souls of those in suffering, it is a day to look at those around us with more love and tolerance and less prejudice. Thank you all for your participation.”

The boys’ football tournament was won by the team from Luduș, followed by Căpușul de Câmpie, Călugăreni and Reghin. For girls, the team from Mediaș took first place, Ludușul being in second place. The best goalkeeper was declared Viola Ioan, the best player was Banu Claudiu, and the top scorer was Maier Marius. The matches were refereed by Dorel Rațiu.

The organization of the “Open Doors” activity is successfully part of the campaign carried out by the CRRN Luduș team to inform and raise awareness of public opinion towards people with disabilities, called “Transform disability into ability”. Through this, CRRN Luduș is a new home, a new hope and a new chance at life for disadvantaged people.


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