October 2, 2022

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One man won $19 million and almost lost it all. Why he wished he hadn’t received the money

A New Zealand man who won NZ$19 million (€12 million) has shared the lessons he learned after becoming rich overnight.

He said he was on the verge of losing his fortune trying to help others.

Mark Lipsham was working as a truck driver in Warkworth, New Zealand in 2017 when his life changed forever.

How the man won the Lotto

As he blew out the candles on his 53rd birthday cake one evening, he wished for a big Lotto win.

Strangely, Lipsham started dreaming about numbers, so he decided to play them in the Lotto, according to the NZ Herald, quoted by 7news.

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When he went to work, his colleagues were talking about an unclaimed prize of $19 million, but, not suspecting that he could be the winner, Lipsham joked: “Yeah, that was me – I have 12 months to claim it, but is time”.

But that night, on the way home, Lipsham checked his Lotto tickets. He then went to the counter, where a man said, “Congratulations. You are the winner of $19,166,667.66. How are you feeling?”

Shocked, Lipsham spent several hours alone, reflecting on the amount he had just won. In the past, even $10 was a significant amount for a man.

People he hadn’t heard from in years began to remember him

Lipsham’s incredible luck quickly became overwhelming as people he hadn’t heard from in years began to remember him.

“Everybody started calling me,” he said, adding that many wanted a loan from him.

Lipsham quickly sank into a deep depression, wishing he had never earned the money and never wanting to be around to spend it.

Man lost seven million dollars and lost the will to get out of bed after helping others

After two years, Lipsham was left with $12 million and no reason to get out of bed every day after helping others.

A neighbor recommended a clairvoyant, Kim Helmbright, who apparently knew about the man’s money, according to the source cited.

Helmbright handled financial and legal matters on Lipsham’s behalf and provided him with health and life advice. The woman encouraged him to avoid alcohol and move out of the rental house into his own home.

But the woman also proved to be very demanding. “I’m very expensive and I like to be paid when I ask for it,” she said, so the man wired her $70,000 over the course of their contract.

But a $2.8 million settlement ended up in court. Helmbright claimed that it was payment for his services and that Lipsham did not send her money to buy the house she selected on his behalf.

The money was transferred before the man flew to one of his daughters, where he was only supposed to stay for two weeks. The trip was extended, Lipsham said, after there were delays in buying the property.

Lipsham was forced to move into a motel while waiting for the promised house

Lipsham returned home before the Covid-19 quarantine was imposed and had to move into a motel while waiting for the property to be purchased. In May, he sent a message to Helmbright, demanding “answers.”

That’s when Lipsham met Matt Blomfield, a man he thought could help him.

Blomfield had represented himself in court in a defamation suit, so he offered to help Lipsham with the millions lost through Helmbright.

The woman was reportedly asked to provide evidence that the $2.8 million payment was for services rendered to Lipsham, not a promise to buy a property. The outcome of the trial has not been disclosed.

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