May 28, 2023

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Nicolae Ciucă, message on the occasion of the Centenary of the Coronation: No political system can be built without love of country

Nicolae Ciucă sent, on Saturday, a message on the occasion of the Centenary of the Coronation.

“Today, we are celebrating an event with special symbolism in national history – the Centenary of the Coronation of King Ferdinand I and Queen Maria as sovereigns of all Romanians – an act that completed the Great Union since 1918. In a lavish atmosphere, thousands of people – Romanians from all the historical provinces, representatives of the central authorities, the Army, the clergy, the Diplomatic Corps, the Royal Houses of Europe or special envoys of other states – attended, in Alba Iulia, the coronation of the first kings of Great Romania. More than three centuries after the triumphant entry of Mihai Viteazu and four years after the Great Union, Alba Iulia became, on October 15, 1922, the city of Coronation”, said Nicolae Ciucă.

He stated that he was honored to grant the High Patronage to the events marking a century since the Coronation of the Sovereigns of Great Romania.

“Remembering the fundamental events for the process of modernization and development of the state, as well as honoring the memory of all those who contributed to their achievement, is a permanent duty, an essential condition for the unaltered preservation of national identity and consciousness.

I was honored to grant the High Patronage to the events that mark a century since the Coronation of the Sovereigns of Great Romania and I want to congratulate the local authorities and all those involved for choosing to evoke this historical moment through a series of special events. The exhibitions, the film screenings, the scientific communication session, the book launches, as well as the ceremonies that take place on these days have the role of creating an arch over time and highlighting the event that consecrated the realization of the national ideal represented by the union of all the Romanian provinces in a single state”, stated the prime minister, according to

He mentioned that the coronation was the expression of a consensus of the society and the political elites.

“The coronation was not only a ceremonial that had royalty at its center, but was the expression of a colossal consensus of society, of the political elites of the Great Union on a national project. The coronation is, even today, a landmark, a symbol, an example for all of us that no political system can be built without consensus, without love of country, without traditions and, above all, without loyalty to one’s own people.

A century after the grandiose moments of the coronation, it is appropriate to remember the sacrifice of our forefathers, the devotion, courage and determination with which they fought to fulfill an age-old dream of this people and pave the way for progress and modernization. The belief in a common objective – the creation of a unitary national state – coagulated the energies of all, and the period that followed the Great Union of 1918 was marked by an unprecedented development. The efforts were focused on the international recognition of the act of union, the fulfillment of reforms in essential areas, the economic recovery after the war and the administrative unification”, Nicolae Ciucă also transmitted.

He added that a strong nation has the ability to generate cohesion and unity around common goals.

“The period we are going through, marked by the unprovoked war of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, but also by numerous crises, proves to us that democratic societies have enemies that take various forms and that test their resilience, but also the ability to respond firmly and promptly in in the face of danger. In such moments, it is essential to remain anchored in the reality we have assumed and built, the one based on balance, responsibility, dialogue, solidarity, freedom, respect for human dignity, respect for the law.

A strong nation has the ability to generate cohesion and unity around common objectives, protect its citizens, ensure their free development, guarantee their security and well-being. We have the obligation to carry on the legacy of our predecessors, to follow their worthy example of civic patriotism, loyalty and spirit of sacrifice, and to act to defend and protect the values ​​that define us and that constitute the guarantee of a prosperous future”, Nicolae Ciucă also declared.

He appealed to all responsible actors to be united around the great objectives that Romania has set for itself.

“In the context of marking the Centenary of the Coronation, I appeal to all the actors responsible for being united around the great objectives that the Romanian state has set for itself – the completion of the monitoring process of Romania through the MCV, the accession to the Schengen Area, the accession to the OECD or they are part of a project that we have the obligation to build for the next years. Romania needs all the political forces and energies to achieve these desired goals and offer its citizens stability, performing institutions, progress”, explained Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă.

100 years since the coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria

The Centenary of the Coronation of King Ferdinand and Queen Maria is celebrated in Alba Iulia. On Saturday morning, the Custodians of the Romanian Crown, His Majesty Margareta, Prince Radu and Princess Sofia arrived there.

The members of the Royal Family were greeted with bread and salt, just as it happened in the Aiud and Teiuş stations, where the train stopped for 10 minutes on Friday.

Afterwards, the royal suite moved to the Reunification Cathedral, where they attended the Te Deum service officiated by Patriarch Daniel.

On October 15, 1922, King Ferdinand and Queen Maria arrived in Alba Iulia by train, in the morning of the same day, as well as other sets that brought guests, members of the royal houses, of the government, over 400 parliamentarians, members of diplomatic missions and foreign press. The royal family was greeted with bread and salt, after which the entire procession, with the king and queen in a closed carriage, pulled by four horses, started moving towards the Orthodox cathedral, according to Agerpres.

For four days, from Thursday to Sunday, a series of events dedicated to the Centenary of the Coronation take place in Alba Iulia.

The event that took place on October 15, 1922 in Alba Iulia, nicknamed “The incorporation of Transylvania into Romania”, confirmed the historical act of December 1, 1918.

Tens of thousands of people, including representatives of the diplomatic corps, special envoys from several countries and foreign journalists, participated 99 years ago, on October 15, 1922, in Alba Iulia, in the coronation of the King as sovereign of Great Romania Ferdinand and Queen Maria, a ceremony conceived as an unforgettable spectacle.

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