January 27, 2023

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The Târgu Mureș Urology Clinic within the Mureș County Clinical Hospital, UMFST George Emil Palade, the Romanian Urology Association, the Romanian College of Physicians Tg. Mureș branch, OAMGMAMR the Tg. Mureș branch in partnership with the Mureș County Council is organizing an International Conference on the topic of News in Functional Urology. The event takes place between September 15-16, 2022 at UMFST GE Palade – Aula de Medicină Dentară. The official opening took place on September 15, from 9:00 a.m., with speeches by Prof. Dr. Mártha Orsolya, head of the Urology Clinic Tg. Mureș, Prof. Dr. Mărginean Oana, vice-rector of UMFST George Emil Palade, Dr. Ianosi Edith , medical director, Mureș County Clinical Hospital and Péter Ferenc, president of the Mureș County Council.

“We have inherited an extremely contemporary urology that offers an extremely wide opportunity for resident training. The residency curriculum provides many activities from classical open surgery, laparoscopy, low, high, hydrodynamic and functional endorology. We are, practically, the second department in terms of volume in the country, we have 81 beds and the addressability is extremely pronounced, we have patients from all parts of the country” said Prof. Dr. Mártha Orsolya, head of the Târgu.Mureș Urology Clinic.

Unforgettable predecessors

In 1957, the head of the Urology Clinic was Prof. Dr. Pál Kotay, with collaborators Dr. Ernő Balogh as primary physician, Dr. Ivor Mártha, Dr. Mátyás Mátyás Jr, and Dr. Jenő Bálint, as specialist physicians. In 1977, Dr. Dorin Nicolescu took over the management, a period in which a series of endoscopic surgical interventions were introduced, the professor being the craftsman of the endowment of the Urology Clinic with a high-performance extracorporeal lithotripsy device at that time. The first extracorporeal lithotripsy for kidney stones took place on July 23, 1991, another step forward being the introduction of urodynamics in the diagnosis and follow-up of various obstructive or neurological disorders of the urinary bladder in 1998.

Dr. Radu Boja introduced for the first time in the country, on January 26, 1986, percutaneous nephrolithotomy in the treatment of renal lithiasis. Then, for the first time, other endoscopic interventions on the upper urinary system are also performed here.

After the retirement of Prof. Dr. Dorin Nicolescu in 2000, the Clinic of Urology is led in turn, in the interval 2000-2001, by Prof. Dr. Virgil Oșan, and from 2001 the head of the clinic becomes Prof. Dr. Radu Boja, Dr. Oșan remaining the head of the ESWL department.

Since 2011, Prof. Dr. Mártha Orsolya has become head of discipline, and since 2012, head physician of the department, and has tried both on the university line and in medical practice to preserve and enrich the beautiful legacy left by his predecessors. Currently, the Clinical Urology Department has 81 beds, an Operating Block with 5 operating rooms and 2 specialized Outpatient Clinics.

The vision and mission of the Mureș County Clinical Hospital is to offer quality services at the highest level.

“The Mureș County Clinical Hospital is a public interest hospital in the network of the Mureș County Council. It is a hospital of local, county, regional, university and postgraduate interest. We have 34 clinical and paraclinical specialties and 12 unique specialties, of which urology is one of them. Urology and the Urology Clinic is the only health facility in Mureș county that serves all patients with urological conditions in our county and in the neighboring counties. So it is an honor for us to organize this conference in our university center, creating a link between Romanian and European medicine. Basically, these scientific events are key moments for the dissemination of information from professionals and the professional enrichment of all. We want all participants to feel very well in our university center and we welcome them,” said Dr. Ianosi Edith, medical director, Mureș County Clinical Hospital.

Péter Ferenc, the president of the Mureș County Council, mentioned that he is proud of everything that the medical system means in Târgu Mureș, congratulating the entire team of the Urology Clinic, which proves that patients always occupy a leading place in the activity provided.

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