March 25, 2023

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Mureș County Council, pact for a “Pure and Simple Green” county – Mures News, Targu Mures News

The representatives of “Pur si Simplu Verde” come to the support of the Mureș County Council to create “a Priority Implementation Unit (Delivery Unit).

“The goal is particularly important and one of particular complexity: the energy transition. We are in the midst of an energy crisis, and our power of adaptability to context and, more importantly, responsiveness will be tested over the coming years. We want to protect the residents of Mures, to offer them the safest and most accessible energy resources, to contribute in a sustainable and long-lasting way to the social and economic development of the county, that is precisely why we undertook this endeavor with the partners from Pur si Simpli Green. We set clear objectives, set targets, allocate funding and prioritize according to the impact on everyone,” Péter Ferenc, president of the Mureș County Council, said.

Ioana Petrescu, the president of “Pur și Simplu Verde”, explained: “Romania’s counties in the Just Transition Mechanism must diversify their mix of energy resources in an efficient way, and the budgetary resources made available to local authorities through European funds are more than considerable. Therefore, having at the CJ level a group of well-trained people, specialists in their fields of interest, who can draw and follow implementable objectives in an average time horizon, ensures you, as an authority, not only a mission, but and the necessary levers to accomplish it successfully”.

“We are one of the largest employers in the county, so we have a direct desire to get involved in the green development of the county, in strengthening and specializing the workforce, in supporting projects that add value to the local economy and have zero carbon emissions “, said Volker Raffel, general manager of E.ON Romania, pointing out the plus that this strategy would bring to the business environment as well.

About Mureș Delivery Unit

Delivery Unit Mureș is the second project at the local level in Romania, after Delivery Unit Hunedoara, a county also in the Just Transition Mechanism.

“Britain, by creating such a unit at the level of the British Prime Minister’s Chancellery since the 2000s. In the last 20 years, however, the model has been replicated at the level of Governments, ministries, presidential administrations and local authorities, across the globe. The European Ecological Pact (European Green Deal) (2019) sets out the steps that the European Commission has in mind in order to facilitate the achievement of the objective of climate neutrality (2050). In order to ensure the achievement of the 2050 objective, the European Commission proposed, in 2020, a comprehensive plan for increasing the 2030 objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% compared to the 1990 level. Increasing the 2030 target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse gases at EU level will involve revising the relevant legislation with the aim of achieving the new objective as well as climate neutrality in 2050.

The “Just Transition Mechanism” will focus on the regions and sectors most affected by the transition, as they depend on fossil fuels or processes with high carbon dioxide emissions. It will benefit from funding both from the EU budget and from the European Investment Bank group, in order to mobilize the necessary private and public resources. The mechanism complements the substantial contribution of the EU budget, including through the European Regional Development Fund and the European Social Fund Plus”, state the representatives of “Pur si Simplu Verde”.


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