May 28, 2023

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Minister Vasile Dîncu arrived at the Government, for the discussion with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă

The Minister of Defense, Vasile Dîncu, arrived at the Victoria Palace on Monday, to discuss with Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă about his statements regarding the peace negotiations in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă announced, in Mioveni, that he would have a discussion with the minister about his controversial statements on this topic, which, the head of the Executive said, did not represent the official position of the Government. The spokesperson of the Government, Dan Cărbunaru confirmed Monday’s meeting at the Government.

Minister Vasile Dîncu caused harsh reactions on the political scene after he stated that the negotiations represent the only chance to end the war in Ukraine.

“The war will continue and the only chance that Ukraine could have and especially the end of the war, the only chance for peace may be negotiation, negotiation with Russia. Of course, it is a complex negotiation, in which, as the Ukrainians have launched at this moment, a political document for all European countries and for NATO, a document that tries to provide security guarantees for Ukraine for the future. It’s all about international negotiation. The countries of the world, NATO, the United States should negotiate for Ukraine security guarantees and a secure peace with Russia. Ukraine alone will not be able to negotiate with Russia, because the political class in Ukraine, at this moment, cannot afford to assume, it would be pure political suicide to assume the loss of territories, an unjust loss after all , of territories, would be too great a defeat for politics”, declared Vasile Dîncu, on Prima TV.

President Klaus Iohannis said, when asked how he sees Vasile Dîncu’s statements according to which the only chance for peace would be a negotiation with Russia, that everyone must accept the fact that Ukrainians are the ones paying the blood price in this war and only Ukraine can decide what , how and when they negotiate.
“This position is our official position, it is the official position of the EU and probably some of our dignitaries need to read the press magazine more frequently to find out these positions”, added the head of state.

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Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă declared, on Thursday in Mioveni, when asked if he was considering a reshuffle of the Defense Minister, following his statements regarding the peace negotiations in Ukraine, that he was waiting for Minister Dîncu to return to the country from the NATO ministry.
“We have to have a discussion as open as possible to your opinion, which is not the Government’s and will have to make this aspect very clear”, the prime minister said.

USR summoned the Minister of Defense to the Parliament on Monday to explain the latest statements regarding the war in Ukraine, but the party’s representatives are waiting for Prime Minister Ciucă to dismiss Vasile Dîncu by then.

The Minister of Defense, Vasile Dîncu, stated, regarding the fact that Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă is waiting for him to return to the country to discuss, that there will be “enlightening” discussions. “I don’t understand at all why this mount was made in Bucharest and was put in this key that the president, the prime minister responded. Of course we will have discussions. We will certainly have a clarifying discussion on this topic, but I think it’s an idea that seems normal to me, it’s an idea you hear every day if you read the press magazine, so to speak”, he claims. Dîncu showed, on Thursday evening, that, at this moment, “no one has asked to resign”.

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