October 2, 2022

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Marin Eugen Sabău, “The Gunslinger from Tarragona”, was euthanized. What he said before he died

Marin Eugen Sabău, the 46-year-old Romanian from Spain who obtained the right to die in court, decided to donate his organs before.

His lawyer conveyed that the procedure took place in a penitentiary hospital and has already ended, although the death of the Romanian known as “The gunslinger from Tarragona” has not yet been announced.

Marin Eugen Sabău shot three of his bosses and also shot a policeman

The man who shot three of his bosses and also shot a police officer had been bedridden and in excruciating pain since December. He was injured during the capture operation and asked to be euthanized, as required by Spanish law.

Before starting the procedures established by the doctors in his case, Eugen Sabău said goodbye to his close relatives. He was then sedated and his organs removed, and finally given the lethal injection, which causes death in five to ten minutes without suffering.

Shot in the spine by a sniper during the capture operation last December, after he had unloaded his weapon on his colleagues, Sabău had a leg amputated and was paralyzed. He could only move one hand and his head.

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Gerard Amigo, Eugen Sabau’s lawyer:He realized that he could do absolutely nothing, that’s why he asked for euthanasia”.

Reporter: Did Eugen Sabău have the right to the last word?

Gerard Amigo, Eugen Sabau’s lawyer: “Yes of course”.

Reporter: And what he said?

Gerard Amigo, Eugen Sabau’s lawyer: “It is a private matter, which, for the time being, we do not think we need to disclose“.

The euthanasia of Eugen Sabău took place in the Penitentiary Hospital in the city of Terrassa

The euthanasia of Eugen Sabău took place in the Penitentiary Hospital in the city of Terrassa. The other day, the Romanian asked to be transferred to a regular hospital, where relatives and friends could visit him without restrictions. The court refused him on the grounds that he could escape with someone’s help, but also because he never expressed regret for his actions and never asked for forgiveness from his victims.

Sabău, who was an elite marksman and possessed a veritable arsenal, planned his attack in advance. He wanted to punish his bosses, convinced that they were persecuting him, after he had complained that the company was not paying his salary correctly.

Gerard Amigo, Eugen Sabau’s lawyer:He believed that he had no rights after 12 years of work at the company and was treated very badly. There are things that will surface in the future“.

The agents from the penitentiary hospital where Sabău was hospitalized asked not to be involved in any way in the Romanian’s euthanasia. They characterized the situation as cruel and inhumane: “We must not forget that all prison staff, by law, are obliged to preserve and guarantee the life and physical integrity of all those who are deprived of their liberty“.

Sabău’s victims contested his right to die

Those injured by Sabău challenged his right to assisted death, before the completion of the process that would have awarded them damages for the suffering endured.

Mireia Ruiz Ramirez, lawyer for the victims: Among the victims there is a discomfort, a sadness, helplessness, because they do not understand why someone who attempted on their lives can decide, without being declared guilty“.

The lawyers of the victims will sue the Spanish state at the ECHR, because it did not ensure their right to justice.

Jose Antonio Bitos, the lawyer of the injured policeman:We hope that maybe we will have an answer, maybe in two, three years at least. The procedure against Spain is not easy, it is complicated, but we are trying to do everything possible“.

Now, only the policeman who was shot can receive compensation from the Spanish state because he was on duty when he was injured. The man has not fully recovered and is still in hospital.

Eugen Sabău’s case is unprecedented in Europe. Spanish justice has established that the right to decide on one’s own life is fundamental, and a criminal investigation cannot be above it. Victims want the law to be changed and set limits on how long a person can request to be euthanized.

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