June 5, 2023

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MApN is recruiting 40 people who want to become commando paratroopers. What the ministry reveals about salaries

An army recruitment announcement arouses the imagination of adventure-seeking Romanians. The Ministry of Defense is recruiting 40 people who want to become commando paratroopers.

At the first call, candidates must be fearless, passionate about guns and able to withstand harsh conditions in nature. Later, however, the army will choose those who are balanced, tenacious and adaptable. The deadline for submitting files is September 23, and the course will start in December.

Tudor is a lawyer in Târgu Mureș, but he loves sports and discipline. He trains seriously and is determined to pass all tests to become a commando fighter.

Tudor: Nowhere else do I think I will learn to use my mind and body to their fullest capacity while helping my teammates, my team, and serving my country.

The recruitment ad posted by the Ministry of Defense on Facebook convinced Tudor to take a chance, even though he has no military experience.

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Who thinks he has all the characteristics below?

1. Patriot
2. A dose of madness
3. Adrenaline fan
4. Able to jump out of a fully functional plane
5. Gun enthusiast
6. To like rain, mud and wind so much that he can sleep without problems even in these conditions
7. Nature fan, forests, mountains and many other godforsaken places that he will have the opportunity to explore.

If you find yourself in the description above, we have 40 places for commando paratroopers“, he writes in the ministry’s post.

The army is looking for brave people who are not afraid of rain and wind and are ready to sleep under the open sky.

Civilians who have taken the Baccalaureate, as well as military, with a maximum age of 45 and a driver’s license – category B, can apply for the selection.

Matei was a sports shooting instructor and meets the conditions.

Matthew: I recommend theoretical and practical experience in the field of weapons and ammunition, but especially in the field of long-range precision shooting. I find this course challenging to say the least.

The first step of the selection is the medical examination where, as a rule, half of the candidates fail.

Adrian Sileanu, commander of the Special Operations Forces Training School: There are things they cannot control. They have no way of knowing if they will perform properly in the gyro, just as they have no way of knowing if they will have problems in the barometric chamber where pressures they may encounter while skydiving are simulated.

The training lasts for half a year during which the trainees do physical and tactical training, learn topography and first aid. Next comes a new stage of selection and certification as a commando paratrooper. As a rule, about half of those initially admitted make it to the end.

Parachute Commando Instructor: No one has to worry that, oh, I don’t have huge pectorals, I don’t have 50 biceps, that’s not the case. Our training, selection system is one that brings out the best and we will train you so that you bring out the best in you.

Commando paratroopers are part of the army’s elite with direct missions such as raids and ambushes. It also participates in actions in a hostile environment and, when necessary, provides military assistance.

Alin is a salesman, but he also flies light aircraft. He feels ready and is already thinking about his salary.

Article: I’m an adrenaline junkie. I saw the announcement from MApN, I’m very excited, but the only problem would be to be paid even better. And then I would be very attracted. Around a thousand euros.

The representatives of the Ministry of National Defense say that the salary is confidential, but they assure us that the flight personnel benefit from a 25 percent increase. In addition, each jump is paid with 200 lei. During the missions in the theaters of operations, the paratroopers will also receive per diem, in euros.

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