December 9, 2022

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Major change in RCA law. Variable prices from this week, the amiable is not replenished the same

Starting from September 8, several amendments to Norm 20/2017 regarding car insurance in Romania will enter into force.

Thus, 90 days have passed since the changes made to the RCA system were published in the Official Gazette.

The new norm brings three major changes. The first of these stipulates that the printed form for the amicable statement is no longer mandatory.

Also, the new norm will implement the changes requested by the European Commission in Romania in 2018, regarding the way in which insurance companies set RCA prices. The adopted norm thus eliminates the articles regarding the obligation of the insurers to notify the ASF before changing the tariffs.

The third amendment aims to introduce the notion of “insurance premium net of expenses”:

Online amicable settlement after accident

One of the regulations introduced for the first time comes directly to support the injured parties, but also the culprits of road accidents, in the number of hundreds of thousands annually.

Thus, the amicable finding form can also be completed electronically, but from October 15, 2022.

According to the new regulations, “in the case of filling out the Amicable Accident Report form in electronic format, the completed data and the holographic signatures of the drivers of the two vehicles involved in the accident are taken over by the device on which the form is filled in.”

Format and content:

(1) The “Amicable Finding of Accident” form printed on paper contains two autocopied pages, both having the same legal value, in accordance with annex no. 7, and the instructions for its use, provided in annex no. 8.

(2) The form Ā«Amicable Accident FindingĀ» in electronic format reproduces the same graphic model, contains the same information and has the same legal value as the printed form provided for in para. (1).

Different price for RCA with same company

Another novelty brought by the ASF rule is the introduction of the notion of “insurance premium net of expenses”, which means that different final prices will be able to be set, depending on the channel through which the driver took out his insurance.

“Irrespective of the distribution channel used, the RCA insurer practices the same insurance premium net of distribution expenses, established on the basis of criteria specific to an insured,” the new form of the rule states.

The RCA insurer’s offer is valid for a period of at least 10 working days and contains the following information:

a) net premium of distribution expenses;
b) the commission paid to the distributor, expressed in absolute value, or
c) the cost related to the direct sale;
d) the date until which the offer is valid;
e) the cost of covering the optional direct settlement clause;
f) additional clauses and coverages;
g) bonus-malus class;
h) the mention regarding the possibility of payment in installments;
i) the total insurance premium obtained by summing the net premium of distribution expenses with the distribution expenses related to the sales channel used by the insured potential, with coverage and separately without coverage of the direct settlement clause;
j) information on the reference tariff in which the insured potential falls.

ASF reminds that in 2021 the obligation to hold the RCA policy in physical format was eliminated, its presentation in electronic format being sufficient, in the event of an inspection.

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