October 2, 2022

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Liviu Dragnea and Codrin Ștefănescu are at knifepoint. Extremely harsh attack: “I washed away the sins of a little monster. I was wrong”

On Friday, Codrin Ștefănescu sent some ideas on a social network about the relationship between him and Dragnea, after information about the tensions between them appeared.

“It’s time to explain to you the reason for my strained relationship with Liviu Dragnea! And to ask you for forgiveness, publicly, because in recent years I have supported and washed of old and new sins, a little monster! But I hoped that this man would change radically, he would get out of the grip of the coldist-securist system in which he wallowed with the utmost pleasure, that he would give up his lies, his toxic way of ‘stabbing’ himself politically, in the back, allies, comrades, innocent people! I was wrong! And this is what I say, clearly and clearly, I who stood by him when he was abandoned by everyone. Some were right to do it, I admit that too!”, wrote Codrin Ștefănescu, on Facebook.

He stated that he forgave the former PSD president for many unpleasant things he had done to him over the years.

“I forgave Dragnea all the slips and all the messes he made me over the years. All! No matter how serious they were! Others still don’t forgive him today, and they are certainly right. I, however, did it!”, he pointed out.

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Codrin Ștefănescu, Liviu Dragnea

Ștefănescu explained what he forgave Liviu Dragnea

In the continuation of the message, Codrin Ștefănescu scored all the moments he would have forgiven Liviu Dragnea:

“1. I forgave Dragnea for his active participation in the meetings of the heads of the toxic system. I forgave him the meals, pleasures and sprits with Maior, Coldea, Kovesi and others. To the way he sauntered past these characters, to pig slaughters with them, in their conspiratorial houses, to the gifts in Opus One to Coldea, to the snowball position he adopted before these demons. This, while I, Olguța Vasilescu, Șerban Nicolae, Liviu Pop, Orlando Teodorovici, Liviu Plesoianu, were breaking the television screens in our fight AGAINST this damn system! While we were talking about abuses, secret protocols between the Prosecutor’s Office and the SRI, about files made to order, about investigations and arrests directed precisely from this occult circle. In which he was present!”.

Codrin Ștefănescu: I was wrong

Ștefănescu also said that Dragnea also participated in meetings where it was planned to investigate or arrest or harass some people.

“2. I forgave Dragnea his presence at the meetings of this group, when decisions were made regarding the investigation, arrest or harassment of some people. Ponta admits this publicly, Ponta is also the one who published Dragnea’s pictures from these meetings! Because he was there too. I forgave him and tried to explain publicly that he had to be present. I tried to wash his image, to find excuses or plausible and logical explanations for it, and I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it!”, he also wrote.

Moreover, Codrin Ștefănescu claims that he forgave Dragnea even when he was directly targeting him with certain actions.

“3. I forgave Dragnea when he tried to flatter me because I knew too much or because his bosses in this group directly or indirectly asked him to. I forgave him when he boycotted my child’s baptism, because I was the fierce enemy of the system he served, because I dared to make Adrian Nastase the godfather of the child, because I had to disappear. Baptism of the child, good people, an innocent baby!!! And he did this fiercely, with hatred, giving direct or indirect orders regarding the sabotage by old colleagues from the PSD of this unique event in my life. Something that was clearly recognized by his former hunting companions, that is, his past coups! Today, my child calls him ‘uncle Liviu’, and he still hasn’t apologized to him or me for that. He looked, or I pray, he looked, in Răducu’s eyes, with the same serenity and carelessness. I also forgave him for that!”, the politician’s message also states, stating that he still has a lot to tell.

Codrin Ștefănescu: Dragnea was executed by his own people

Ștefănescu also wrote that Liviu Dragnea ended up in prison, having been “executed also by his people”.

“I stayed with him for two years while he was imprisoned. Also executed by his people, so you know exactly! Two years in which I gave him a positive example, I found public explanations on TV for the above, I “threw” all the good things at him and failed to respond to the bad ones. Two years in which I took hundreds of thousands of curses for him, two years in which I was threatened, pressured, filed! And I didn’t back down! Because from there, in prison, where I regularly went to visit him, he guaranteed/swore/assured me that he would change. And that he took a big stab from his comrades in the Coldist system. He lied to me!” he continued.

Message to those who criticize him

The politician also sent a message to those who criticize him for breaking with Liviu Dragnea.

“And you, those who criticized me for saying goodbye to Dragnea, were not with me neither in the battles with this toxic system, nor in prison with it, nor hunted like me by these scoundrels. I published his address from the penitentiary, not you! I fought in the public space with all the hastagians, Sorosists and Marxists, not you! You just think that your picture near Dragnea will suddenly make you councilor, mayor or parliamentarian. And for that give up everything: friends, comrades, patriotism, truth, justice! Only in your petty interest to occupy a temporary position somewhere! That the world is stupid and will vote! You are wrong! People know the truth, but they gave him another chance because a man like me held the flag high, the torch high, and guaranteed he became a good man. I won’t!”, he said.

“APP will not support a ‘bunny’ like you Dragnea in the presidential election”

As for his political formation, Codrin Ștefănescu claimed that he would not support Dragnea.

“And you, those from the coldist-security group, those who swear at me from above, I tell you the following: APP is not your party! APP means Romanianism, not security! APP means all those Romanians abused, harassed, hunted, investigated and destroyed precisely by your system! APP is the voice of all mocked and trampled Romanians even today! APP will not support a ‘bunny’ like you Dragnea in the presidential elections, so that you can make room in the 2nd round which you have determined exactly! I wanted APP to support an independent, civil, determined and courageous Romanian, who cannot be blackmailed and, above all, of character. I gave this chance to Dragnea, but under the above conditions!”, he also wrote.

Questions for Liviu Dragnea

At the end of the message on Facebook, Codrin Ștefănescu sent some questions for Liviu Dragnea.

“In the 11 months since I founded APP, in the 11 months since you don’t get involved at all, stay only during vacations, have problems or don’t answer any phone calls, how many times have you met your old comrades from the coldist-security group, including the group leader? Where, why, what did you discuss? Did you also secretly see people from the Predoiu group – former Adj of SIE? Why, what was the subject? Is it true, as it is heard even in the media area, that they have you in hand? That you act on orders, timid and submissive?”, concluded Codrin Ștefănescu.

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