March 29, 2023

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Liviu Cocean, dismissed from the management of Piețe SA | TIMPOLIS

Photo source: PNL Timiş

After the accusations of embezzlement of more than 30,000 euros per month brought to the former director of Pieţe SA, the liberal Liviu Cocean, the Board of Directors of the company decided to dismiss him from his position “for serious management deviations and well-founded suspicions of committing criminal acts , found after several checks”. Liviu Cocean rejects the accusations and says that it is “a smear with strong criminal implications”.

During the meeting on Thursday, September 29, the Board of Directors of Pieţe SA reports that it found:

  • The passivity of the director of the company to reduce outstanding debts, despite multiple requests made over time by the Board of Directors on this subject;
  • Major deficiencies in the management of the company’s patrimony and the abusive occupation of some premises by persons with whom no contract has been concluded;
  • Suspicions of embezzlement and fraudulent management, in connection with which a report was submitted to the criminal investigation bodies of the Timiș Police;
  • Irregularities related to public health, which led to the closure of the dairy hall in Piața Badea Cârțan by the Timiș Sanitary-Veterinary Directorate and then the Timiș County Commissariat for Consumer Protection;
  • Lack of major investments in Timisoara markets;
  • Lack of a system for collecting information related to the quality of services provided;
  • Passivity towards the recovery of utility expenses made by customers / tenants

For all these detected irregularities, the members of the Board of Directors decided to dismiss the director from his position Liviu Cocean.

During the same meeting, he was appointed as interim director Mirel Pop. A veterinarian by profession, he holds the position of administrator of Pieța SA from May 2021, being also a member of the Board of Directors.

At the beginning of the week, the director of Piețe SA Timișoara was accused by other members of the company’s management of embezzlement and fraudulent management, and a complaint was filed on his behalf with the Police. The representatives of Piețe SA claim that facts have been proven that have brought damages to the company of over 30,000 euros per month. “As shown in the documents submitted to the criminal investigation bodies, the director of SC Piețe SA ended up allocating spaces and tables at his discretion, without collecting the fees established by the company’s Board of Directors, fees, mandatory for any trader. In addition, as it appears from the statements attached to the notification submitted to the Police, the situation is not new, but has been going on for a very long time,” transmits the Municipality.

Liviu Cocean rejects the accusations brought against him and claims that it is “a smear with strong criminal implications”.

According to him, none of the members of the Board of Directors of Piețe SA met the legal conditions to hold this position and that he was given ten minutes to defend himself against these accusations: “This warlike “analysis” that was supposed to send me home, I wasn’t even given a second to go through it with my eyes so that I could at least note down what I had to dismantle in the ten minutes. Instead, even before the meeting was over, the press already had the reasons for the “noble” dismissal, as well as the name and the statement of the new general manager. Cool, right? It is unnecessary to say that all the accusations are false, many of those invoked are old themes that they put back on the wallpaper as if they were valid.

All this illegal machination to remove me from office, after all the achievements and the pressures I was subjected to because I did not agree to make combinations, will have to be explained in other circumstances and in front of other courts, where these techniques no longer work empty and illegal. I assure you from now on that I will not be intimidated by anyone or anything“, he writes on his Facebook page. Liviu Cocean.

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