March 25, 2023

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Lions Club Constanța celebrates 30 years of activity

Lions Club Constanța invites us to an anniversary event with a charitable purpose.

On Friday, October 14, 2022, from 19.00, the “Opera Gala” will take place, organized by Lions Club Constanța in partnership with the Oleg Danovski Constanța National Theater of Opera and Ballet. This event marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the club, thus celebrating the many projects and activities carried out for the development and prosperity of the Dobrogean community.

The gala also has a charitable component, the funds collected on the occasion of this event will be used to equip the Cardiology and Gynecology departments of the “Sf. Apostle Andrei” Constanța.

In the press release sent to the editors, the partners and beneficiaries of the charity project have the following statements:

Head of gynecology department, Vlad-Iustin Tica:

“The obstetrics-gynecology departments of the Emergency County Clinical Hospital “St. Apostol Andrei” Constanța serves the entire southeastern region of Romania, constituting the only 3rd degree maternity hospital in this area. Gynecological endoscopy (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) represents, in civilized countries, up to 80% of gynecological interventions. This is justified by the advantages for the patients, both intraoperatively (reduction of bleeding and the risk of anemia) and postoperatively (reduction of pain, a better cosmetic result and a superior integration in the family, society and work). Although we have the human resource (competent doctors), the material resource (laparoscopy-hysteroscopy kit) is old and can serve only one operating room. Contrary to the international standard, of the approximately 1,000 annual gynecological surgeries, less than 19% are performed endoscopically. The provision of a modern kit will provide the intended benefit to both public system and hospital patients through faster discharge and more efficient use of existing – and often insufficient – ​​beds.”

Head of the cardiology section, Andrei Rusali: “The NicAS medical device from the “Combating high blood pressure” program will offer additional possibilities for diagnosing the causes of hypertension and prescribing the most accurate treatment.”

President of Lions Club Constanța, Corneliu Peleanu: “Lions Club Constanța is celebrating 30 years of unconditional support and support for the Constanta community. Throughout this period, the Lions of Constanta have served the community by promoting the values, spirit and character of international Lionism. Once again, on the anniversary, Lions Club Constanța supports the “St. Apostol Andrei” Constanța and covers a small part of his needs, offering hope to those who have medical problems. The involvement of the Club is and will be LIONS CLUB CONSTANTA DISTRICT 124 – ROMANIA WE SERVE a sustainable, interest-free and unconditional one, following the values ​​and spirit of the International Lions Club.”

The lyrical evening will end with a tasting of selected wines, thanks to the partners and the opportunity to meet new partners who want to join in the future projects of Lions Club Constanța.

The partners of the Constanța Lions Club Gala are Armonia Grup, Pangeea Association, IMAMED Constanța Clinic and Mrini Eye Hospital.

Lions Club Constanța is a non-governmental, democratic, non-profit, politically and religiously unconditional organization. The purpose of the association is purely philanthropic and altruistic. All members of the club work as volunteers, not being remunerated. The motto of the “lions” all over the world is: “We Serve”.

Editor – Liliana Moldoveanu / online editor – Daniel Șăndăreanu

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