March 25, 2023

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Left without alimony, Russian women denounce their ex-husbands: “Take them to the front, that’s how we get money for the children”

When he decreed partial military mobilization, Vladimir Putin promised that the men sent to the front would be paid, and in case of injury or death, their families would receive compensation.

This generated an unexpected phenomenon on the territory of Russia. After September 21, posts from divorced Russian women who have been unable to get alimony from their ex-husbands for years began to appear on social media.

Women believe that if men are mobilized and start receiving “military” payments in official accounts, this money will be deducted from the outstanding alimony.

On September 29, Sergei Mironov, a deputy in the Russian State Duma, wrote on a social network that women began to ask him that alimony debtors be mobilized.

Journalists from Verstka – an independent Russian platform – spoke to several women who handed over the data of their ex-husbands to military commissariats.

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“For me, my ex-husband died a long time ago”, said Lilia Sergheeva. The woman is the mother of a 17-year-old girl, and for 13 years her father has not paid alimony and has not participated in any way in raising the child.

“Several times he transferred a hundred rubles to us. One day the bailiffs came to him: they confiscated his mobile phone and sent me another small amount of money”said Lilia.

Lilia must receive two million rubles from her ex-husband

Currently, the man owes the woman approximately one million rubles (no – 16,700 euros), plus another million, penalties.

The bailiffs informed her that simply “there is nothing to take from the debtor”. Due to the fact that the ex-husband did not pay alimony so much, three years ago a criminal case was opened against him and he was sentenced to several hours of corrective labor.

“When Putin announced that the mobilized will be equated with contract soldiers, I immediately thought: if my ex-husband participates in the military operation, this can solve the problem with the pension. It is the best option for debtors: to earn money officially and pay your debts”Lilia also said.

She sent a letter to the bailiffs for ca “the military authorities should take my ex-husband to battle. Take him to the front, that way we can get new money for the children”.

“To be honest, I don’t care if my ex-husband is able to withstand what he has to do and how long he will last there. If women endure hard physical work, then why can’t a man in his prime go to the front ?”Lilia Sergheeva also declared.

“If he is killed, it will be really good: the child will receive compensation”

Inna Kruglova divorced 12 years ago, a year after the birth of the child, because of the problems her husband had with alcohol.

“Officially, my ex-husband does not work anywhere, he has no bank cards. The executors tell me that they do not know where he is and that, anyway, there is nothing to take from him”declared Irina.

“While we were married, he took out a loan in my name. More than ten years have passed, and the debt has grown to 1,200,000 rubles (no – 18,000 euros). I started receiving threats from the microcredit office . For two years I have been paying to close this loan”the woman revealed.

Immediately after Putin signed the partial military mobilization decree, Inna thought: “If the ex-husband went to war, he would pay our debts, because he will start receiving official payments in an account that you can no longer hide from the bailiffs”.

“I called the Ministry of Defense hotline to find out if my ex-husband was mobilized and they told me that I should personally come to the military registration office and ask. I will go there and hand over his personal information. If they will kill him, it will be really good: the child will receive compensation”the woman said.

“I don’t think I should feel sorry for him”

For her part, Ekaterina Kotova said that the man with whom she has four children owes her alimony in the amount of 630,000 rubles (no – about 10,500 euros).

Without thinking, the woman handed over her ex-man’s personal data: “I wrote to the military registration office of the city of my ex-husband’s place of residence and, of course, handed over all his personal data. I don’t think I should feel sorry for him. For four years, he didn’t never contacted his son, although he lives 40 kilometers from us”.

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