December 9, 2022

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Digi Sport tells you everything about Liga 1, the first league in Romania’s football championship. Find out Ligue 1 results, fixtures, matches, scores and transfers. Read news from League 1, find out the up-to-date results of the stage and the schedule of the next stage. We tell you who is promoted to League 1, but also who is relegated to the second tier.

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Video This is how he scored a penalty in the 90th+7th minute, with the score 2-2: “He didn’t even care”. What a gesture he made to the fans


Photo Michael Jordan’s son, surprised with Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife! The woman is 17 years older than him


“It’s a bit annoying isn’t it?” Iga Swiatek made a rare gesture in tennis. What followed


Exclusive Rapid strikes on the last day of mercato! In Giulești comes a player with excellent numbers, who was with Inter for 6 years



Video Exclusive How was Tamaș’s problem solved at…


Video Exclusive After 12 years, Ilie Dumitrescu has…


Video League 2, stage 5 | CSA Steaua and Dinamo…

league 2

Cristiano Ronaldo’s message after…



Eugen Neagoe does “cleaning” at “U” Cluj. He fired three players, one of them transferred two months ago


Mirel Rădoi expects new transfers to the University of Craiova: “They will have to come with an extra”

cross fanatic

Kevin Boli, “case closed” for FCSB! How Valeriu Iftime described the €25,000 offer made by Gigi Becali


Video&Photo Fight between two supporters during the match Universitatea Craiova – Farul, right on the field! How it all ended


Mirel Rădoi, “debtor sold” to his players: “Now I have to pay”


“Everyone said let’s give it!” Gigi Becali goes over everyone in the club and announces the return of a player: “I like it”


Video Exclusive “The man clearly knows football!” The player noted after the “thriller” from Severin. However, there is also a problem: “Only care about him”


Gică Hagi, angry with his students after the failure with Craiova University: “I write this on the blackboard”


Gabriel Torje, a player changed under the command of Gică Hagi! How the player explained the good form at the moment

Jovan Markovic, a happy father after the match between the University of Craiova and Farul Constanța


Video Craiova University – Constanța Lighthouse 4-3. Match with everything in Severin, at the end of which the Oltenians prevail


Video Mihai Aioani’s “fall stunts” mistake in Craiova University – Constanța Lighthouse


Markovic made the match of the season on the day he became a father! He celebrated goals in a special way


Video Gabriel Torje, like in the good old days! The “child” of Gică Hagi, two Eurogoals with the University of Craiova


OFFICIAL | Plamen Iliev remains in League 1! He signed in the final hours of the mercato period


Video Gică Hagi’s inspiration! The surprise holder rewarded him after 72 seconds


Andrei Prepelita identified the reasons why FC Argeș lost the match with Hermannstadt


Gigi Becali closed the “tap” at FCSB: “We don’t transfer anymore! These are them, we qualified with them”

Măldărășanu, honestly after another Hermannstadt victory: “We were lucky. God loves us”


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