March 29, 2023

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Kacso Sándor, City Manager of Târgu Mures – News from Mures, News Targu mures

During a press conference organized on Tuesday, October 4, the mayor of Târgu Mureș, Soós Zoltán, officially introduced the new City Manager of Târgu Mureș, in the person of Kacso Sándor, former director of the CSM Târgu Mureș club.

Why Kacso Sándor?

“The answer is very simple, in order to have an efficient administration, continuous improvements are needed. Although many improvements have been made in two years of office, I believe that the functioning of the City Hall still needs an experienced person who can deal with the many tasks and challenges that await us in a timely manner. We have, as you know, problems to solve that have been forgotten for decades in order to draw and place the city on an upward, sustainable trajectory. This is the reason why the position of Public Administrator or City Manager was created. There was no doubt that we needed an experienced leader. We were looking for someone who has both experience in public administration and effective decision-making in local public administration. Since the establishment of the position, which was supported by the City Council, we have had numerous meetings and discussions in order to select the right person for this position, and the professional experience and the management that he applied at the level of the Municipal Sports Club for a year were the criteria that they tipped the scales in favor of mandating Mr. Kacso Sándor for this position,” said Mayor Soós Zoltán.

According to him, Kacso Sándor will hold the position of City Manager until the end of the current mandate, i.e. 2024, and will have among his attributions the coordination of the Public Domain Administration, the Public Service of landscape ecology, sanitation and the Municipal Sports Club. It will also have the task of actively participating in the elaboration of the Local Development Plan, it will be able to make proposals in order to create new investment opportunities, it will offer support and economic advice in terms of the substantiation of projects, public policies and economic development .

Why this feature? Was it necessary?

“I think that the City Hall must have all transparent services. In the last 20 years, I didn’t know what the situation was with the sanitation contract, with the snow removal, with the rodent control, all these were puzzles. Sometimes we ran into these inherited problems, especially in sanitation, with invoicing far in excess of the services performed and so on, problems that actually took a lot of the energy we should have put into the city’s development projects. I believe that the City Manager is primarily tasked with assisting the work of the mayor and normal and the executive to coordinate and monitor all public services that should normally function normally. Mr. Kacso having the necessary experience, of course, can follow up, signal in good time, let’s not wait until a contract expires. There are a lot of inconsistencies that a public manager will be able to follow effectively so that such problems do not happen anymore. I personally think it’s a good solution and I want to thank Mr. Kacso for accepting this challenge”, stated Soós Zoltan.

Why don’t the mayor’s councilors do this work?

“Councillors do not have these tasks. Only the public administrator, by law, can apply, make a tender, start, sign the mayor’s delegate. Counselors cannot do this. They help the mayor, prepare documents, each deals with a field, but the public administrator has a specific role established by the administrative code”, was the answer given by the mayor of Târgu Mureș.

Kacso Sándor preferred to talk more about his future plans than about his CV, which is to be made public on the City Hall website. “All the time I wanted to develop and face the challenges, which is why at the moment I started to diagnose the infrastructure, the institutions that were delegated, to see in the future what can be improved, because this is the preparation , but especially the challenge I accepted”, said Kacso Sándor.

What do you recommend for the position of City Manager?

“I think the most important thing was the experience, plus the references I have, and not least the last year of activity. I believe that I have demonstrated that it is possible for an institution to function independently of pressures, even financial or economic executions, and I have demonstrated how an institution can be run effectively. An institution must organize itself, without the pressures to which we are all normally subjected. Everyone is trying to come up with different ideas, everyone believes that anything is possible with public money. We simply have to learn to say no. I think this experience, from my point of view, mattered the most that I was able to prove to her. Considering that I also ran an institution, considering that this management contract is provided until the end of the mayor’s term, I would like the city to feel that this position of City Manager has appeared in a good way. I hope that this will be felt in two years or as much as is left of the current mandate”, stressed Kacso Sándor.

What are the first steps?

“At the moment I can’t say anything concrete, considering that I will enter ADP today at 12 o’clock for the first time to be able to start a collaboration. It will be an open discussion, I try, as I said, to make a diagnosis like at the doctor. I simply have to see what is happening, how things are going now, what can be improved in the easy way, or radically where appropriate”, said the new City Manager of the Municipality of Târgu Mureș.


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