October 2, 2022

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Investments, on the list of priorities of the mayor Teodor Vultur – Stiri din Mures, Stiri Targu mures

Investment projects at the level of Lunca commune are not few at all, proof of the interest in increasing the standard of living shown by the leadership of the City Hall. Teodor Vultur, the mayor of the Lunca commune, told us about all this.

Reporter: How are you doing with the projects at the level of Lunca commune?

Teodor Vultur: We are doing well with projects, we are doing worse with financing. We submitted four projects to the “Angel Saligny” Program. The first considered the sewerage in the Frunzeni-Băița localities, a project worth 19,000,000 lei, of which we were allocated 14,000,000 lei, insufficient money to be able to complete the entire project. We will rethink the project, see what we manage to do with the money received. The second project refers to the rehabilitation of the road Frunzeni – Băița DC 160 which was rehabilitated in 2004. Another project considers the road that connects the village of residence Lunca and the village of Băița, worth 8,000,000 lei. The fourth project provides for a road connecting the DN 15 road to the village of Logig, a project worth 4,000,000 lei, which was accepted for financing. Out of four submitted projects, on the list that appears for Mureș county, we were caught with two, the one with the sewerage and the one with the road to Logic, the total amount being 18,000,000 lei. I consider it a grand sum, but insufficient for what we set out to do.

Rep.: How much does it bother you that some calculations were made and now you have to rethink them?

TV: It’s a rather complicated situation from the point of view of the mayor, respectively of the administrative-territorial unit, since this “Anghel Saligny” Program was widely publicized. Everyone was happy to see the amounts received, knowing that they are 100% achievable. Now, it is very difficult for us to rethink the project with the sewerage and put into practice that it can only be done in proportion of 70-75%. I cannot tell you the exact percentage, because now calculations are being made again and you have to decide which village will enter or which streets will remain outside the project. It’s a more difficult situation from the point of view of the City Hall, please, the mayor.

Rep.: How important is the road that is the object of the second project where you obtained a financing of 4 million lei?

TV: We have rethought all the infrastructure in the commune to make the connection between the commune’s villages as viable as possible. That’s why I submitted a project for Lunca – Băița, which would have saved the residents of the village of Băița by about 10 kilometers. We have rethought it, so that each village is connected to the village of residence, there are as many connections as possible, so that we also support the agricultural part. It is quite important that the distance to Logig from Lunca can be done in a few minutes on this 2 kilometer road rather than bypassing the whole village and doing 5 kilometers. Any project, any penny in a commune, regardless of how well or less well it is located from a financial point of view, from my point of view is welcome.

Rep.: What other investments do you have?

TV: From local funds, in terms of investments, things are a bit more difficult. Work is currently underway on several church annexes, works that are financed from the local budget. We spent the money, especially from the local budget, for the implementation of projects, feasibility studies and other documentation. We have prepared two projects on PNRR that also aim to improve energy efficiency, at the Cultural Home in Logig and the General School in Sântu, projects on component 10. The total value of the investments would be 324,770 euros: 164,770 euros at the home in Logig and 160,000 euros to the school in Sântu. Here, for the time being, I paid for my studies and documentation with money from the local budget. We have also submitted a project for the construction of a medical dispensary in the village of residence, Lunca. The project is submitted to the National Investment Company. Here the value of the documents was quite high. We hope that these projects will also be included in our financing.

Rep.: What are you currently working on?

TV: We are currently working on four projects with European funds, two cultural dormitories under Measure 7.6, a project for the endowment of cultural dormitories and a project for the endowment of SVSU Lunca. We signed the financing contracts for these projects, and work is currently underway. On the dormitories, we are somewhere between 70-80% of the implemented project. Unfortunately, we got bogged down, due to the adjustment of material prices. In 2021 and 2022 the prices have gone crazy and any builder can no longer afford to continue his work with the prices offered. On government funds, some price adjustment was made according to Ordinance 15, but on European funds, on Ordinance 64, things are moving quite hard. The builder took precautions, making several additional documents, more information and notifications to the beneficiary. I can’t tell you exactly how it will be completed, but in the end let’s hope that we will be able to finish the projects we started. As for the endowment of the cultural hostels, the project is already being implemented, and for the project carried out by the Luţ, Şar, Câmpie Zona LAG”, the one with SVSU Lunca, we are in the phase of signing the financing contract.

Recorded by Alin ZAHARIE

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