October 2, 2022

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INTERVIEW with Diana Rădeanu, president of the Interact Club Târgu Mureș Maris – Mures news, Targu mures news

The President of Interact Târgu Mureș Maris Club, Diana Rădeanu, gave an interview to the daily Zi de Zi, in which she presented information about the organization’s objectives, future projects, the team with which she will lead the organization.

“I joined Interact 2 years ago, i.e. in 2020, I felt the overwhelming emotion from the interview, I was selected as an aspirant for 3 months, and after that I became a member”, stated Diana Rădeanu.

Diana Rădeanu is a 12th grade student at “Electromureș” Technological High School, profile tourism and food.

“I always liked working with people and I noticed this the most when I participated in the freshman ball and I was very happy to receive the title of Miss Freshman 2019. I have many things that I like, I like to draw , but time doesn’t really help me, I like to take part in any unforgettable experience, to help people, to communicate with them, I also practiced sports but at the moment I no longer practice”, Diana Rădeanu said.

Reporter: As the president of Interact Târgu Mureș Maris, please introduce the organization to us. What are the main objectives?

Diana Rădeanu: The Târgu-Mureș Maris Interact Club is a non-governmental organization for teenagers. Our main objective is to bring smiles to people’s faces both through charitable events for those who have less, and through social events for the young people of our city. Another objective aimed at our members boils down to their own development, both personally and professionally.

Representative: What is the main challenge as president?

DR: The main challenge I have as president is to be a good mentor to club members and an example to follow.

Representative: Are there any upcoming projects? Please submit these projects.

DR: We have several future projects that we are still thinking about putting into practice, the main project that we want to carry out during this mandate is “The Green Project”, which unfortunately due to the pandemic we could not complete, but this year we will definitely succeed.

Representative: So far, have you faced any impediments?

DR: Not for the moment. We will see during the mandate what will happen, but I am sure that we will fix any situation together.

Representative: Please introduce the team with whom you will lead the organization in the next year.

DR: The team with which I will lead the organization is made up of Cotoi Septimiu as vice-president, Moldovan Paul who is the club secretary, Niculae Ștefan as the PR agent, Stoica Raul as treasurer and Călugăr Călin who is membership director and Past President for the year Rotarian 2021-2022.

Representative: What are your expectations from team members?

DR: I can’t say that I have any specific expectations from them. We have known each other for a long time, we understand each other very well and I think that everything will go naturally, by itself.

Representative: Please send a message to young people who dream of becoming leaders in a certain field, in turn.

DR: To follow his dream and never give up, because last year I ran for president, but unfortunately I didn’t win. This fact made me more ambitious, having much more self-confidence, this year I applied again and I managed to win this position of club leader. Therefore my advice is not to give up on their goals.


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