October 2, 2022

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INTERVIEW. The residents of Târgumures, urged to collect correctly selectively – News from Mures, News Targu mures

Ilyés-Toth Botond, the executive manager of Sylevy Salubriserv, the company that has undertaken the mission of selectively collecting household waste from individual households in the municipality of Târgu Mureș, presents, in the following interview, up-to-date information about the current activity of the company that has headquarters in the town of Ceuașu de Câmpie. On this occasion, the executive manager of Sylevy Salubriserv launched an important call for the inhabitants of the municipality of Târgu Mureș, namely to show more attention and even civic spirit when it comes to the selective collection of waste.

Reporter: How was the selective collection activity carried out from the beginning of the year until now in Târgu Mureș?

Ilyés-Toth Botond: As you know, I have stated in several interviews and also on our official Facebook page, that the selective waste collection activity started in Târgu Mureș in mid-January 2022. It is about selective collection from households individual. From then until now, things have evolved because in the beginning we had a certain amount of waste that gradually, gradually increased, and here I mean selective waste. The quantities have increased, but there are some problems. For example, the collected quantities did not increase according to our expectations, and on this side, we ask the citizens to be a little more involved in selective collection because, as I have stated many times, it is in the interest of the city that the quantity is as large as possible because through by regulation we are obliged – the city, and not only, practically also society and citizens – to reach a certain quota of selective waste collection for the year 2022, thus avoiding possible fines.

Rep.: Please once again present the color codes regarding selective collection.

ITB: The yellow fraction consists of plastic and metal waste, the blue fraction consists of paper and cardboard and the green fraction consists of glass.

Rep.: What amount of selective waste was collected in the first month?

ITB: In February we collected around 120 tons of selective waste. These selective wastes consist of yellow fraction, blue fraction, green fraction and biodegradable waste – here I am particularly referring to twigs and leaves.

Rep.: But in July?

ITB: Indeed, we have now reached some pretty nice numbers and quantities compared to February when we collected around 120 tons of recyclable waste. In July, we reached a total amount of 191 tons of recyclable waste, of which the yellow fraction is 54.5 tons, the blue fraction is 54.6 tons, the green fraction is 58.3 tons, plus biodegradable waste.

Rep.: An increase is visible, but at the same time the total amount of waste has also increased…

ITB: That’s what I wanted to point out, that there is a very large increase, but let’s not forget the fact that in February we collected 3,000 – 3,200 tons of waste in total, and in July we collected a total amount of waste from the Târgu Mureș municipality of 4,248 tons. If we make a comparison and look at a percentage of selective waste from the total waste, the situation is not as happy as it seems at first glance…

Rep.: Please elaborate…

ITB: The biggest problem is that we collected this amount, but about 20-50% is still subtracted from this amount due to the fact that the selective waste that has been collected contains quite a large amount of impurity. This means that in the blue, yellow and green fractions there was also waste that should have reached the household waste category, and here I am referring in particular to leftover carrots, potatoes, diapers and many other types of waste that are not waste recyclable. Unfortunately, this amount is deducted from the total amount that I specified. Hence the plea he makes to the citizens of Târgu Mureș, to be more attentive to selective collection. Our people indeed if they see that those bags do not contain waste as required, then those bags are left at the doorsteps of the households. However, we have cases where you can’t see what the bags contain, and then they again request that the selective waste in the bags respect the color codes, depending on the type of waste collected.

Rep.: Please tell us where reports are made if citizens notice things that are not right.

ITB: We have a phone number from the company’s dispatcher, 0799-858892, which is also displayed on the official Facebook page. Usually certain requests come to that phone number. Reports can also be made to the e-mail address [email protected] or on our official Facebook page. Of course, there are also situations where citizens call me or my colleagues directly. Of course, there are also new things to adjust. We try to carry out our activity as well as possible, as correctly as possible. The complaints that come most often are related to the street services part, this means sweeping the sidewalks, sweeping the streets, washing the streets, emptying the street bins and so on. I would like to point out that our company does not provide street services in the municipality of Târgu Mureș. This service is performed by another company and in the aforementioned cases the contact must be made with that company.

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