March 25, 2023

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Innovative ideas at the “Unirea Hackathon” – Mures News, Targu Mures News

By definition, school is a space of becoming, which requires tenacity and aspiration, dedication and selflessness, the desire to overcome oneself and, not least, competitive spirit. Enrolled in this educational context, the events organized through the direct involvement of the students acquire deep meanings in the life of the school.

A strategic target from the Institutional Development Plan of the “Unirea” National College, the internationalization of education is achieved mainly through the support and implementation of European programs and projects, which are a component of the education modernization process. The three Erasmus+ projects under way at the “Unirea” National College represent a real answer in fulfilling this strategic target!

Held between 28-30 September 2022, the “Union Hackathon” competition, within the Erasmus+ Project “Hackathon EU”, 2020-1-ES01- KA202-082752 has named its winners!

Stimulating competitive spirit

After a marathon day, from September 29, 2022, from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven crews from the 10th A, 11th A and 12th A classes, mathematics-informatics profile, intensive informatics, from the “Unirea” National College pooled their efforts, each carrying out a project that had a theme anchored in the daily: “Revitalization of the social and cultural life of the Municipality of Târgu Mureș!”

The competitive spirit was stimulating, the students showed originality in the realization of the projects, they came up with innovative, bold ideas, they critically analyzed the aspects found in the social and cultural life of the municipality of Târgu Mureș. The modernization and greening of urban transport means, the digitization of urban networks, the efficiency of school transport from the “satellite districts” to the educational units in the city center, the creation of transport alternatives, the creation of appropriate technological spaces and centers that become sources of cultural events , the creation of protected ecosystems, which are unpolluted “oases” in the urban environment, ideas regarding urban aesthetics, are only some of the solutions that the young high school students included in their projects. The atmosphere was animated by the enthusiasm of the young age, the students were seriously involved in the realization of the projects, they cooperated, they came up with original ideas and solutions!

Alongside them, the coordinating teachers and, at the same time, the mentoring teachers supported this endeavor, the students being guided and supported by Mrs. Prof. Chira Cristiana – in a double capacity, that of the coordinating teacher of the Erasmus+ Hackathon EU 2020 Project, but also the class leader of 12th grade, teacher Negrea Ana Maria – class leader of the 11th class, Mr. Costea Adrian – responsible and teacher Tunde Pintilie – member, from the Commission for European Programs and Projects, computer scientists Stan Vasile and professor Csifo Lorand , with the management team of the college, the headmistress Professor Aurora Stănescu and the deputy headmistress Pastia Corina.

On Friday, September 30, 2022, the seven crews presented their projects to a jury consisting of Ms. Assoc. Ph.D. Arina Modrea – UMFST “George Emil Palade”, Ms. Univ. Kutasi Réka – UMFST “George Emil Palade”, Mr. Tălmăcean Cristian – entrepreneur, Mrs. Turcu Anca and Puiac Elena – Mureș County School Inspectorate.

All the crews were appreciated for their daring vision, for the seriousness with which they treated the proposed theme, for the way they presented the projects and were congratulated by the general school inspector Prof. Sabin-Gavril Pașcan, who wanted to highlight the special level of the involvement of students in this competition.

After the deliberation, the “LUMIX” crew consisting of four students of the XIth A class and one student of the Xath A class ranked first, thus obtaining the participation in the international competition, which will take place in Italy, in 2023.

We are happy and obliged by this event because it determines the assumption of a responsibility at the level of the demands already imposed by the competitions held in our college.

It is a manifestation that we want to be perpetuated in the years to come, in the real and humanistic classes, in order to further capitalize on the students’ intellectual and managerial potential, freedom of communication and expression, creative spirit and reflective thinking!

Erasmus+ project coordinator, “Hackathon EU” 2020,

Prof. Cristiana CHIRA

Director, “Unirea” National College,

Prof. Aurora STĂNESCU

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