October 2, 2022

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Independence Day in Ukraine. Zelensky: We will respond to any manifestation of Russian terrorism

The National Day of Ukraine is marked on Wednesday under great tension, six months after the launch of the Russian invasion.

“We must be aware that tomorrow (Wednesday – ed.), repulsive provocations by Russia and brutal attacks are possible,” warned Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday evening, according to AFP.

“And, of course, we will respond to any manifestation of Russian terrorism”, added the Ukrainian president, who had already advanced last Saturday that “Russia could try to do something particularly disgusting, particularly cruel”, notes News.ro.

“Today (Tuesday – ed) we celebrate the day of our flag and it happens at a time when we are fighting against the most terrible threat to the state and, at the same time, we have achieved the greatest national unity. That is why we endured. Because we united and united the world around the true values,” said the Ukrainian president.

Explosions from the first hour

In the early hours of August 24, explosions were heard in several cities, such as Kharkiv (northeast), Zaporozhye and Dnipro (center), according to local authorities.

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Daria Dughina was buried

The bomb attack that killed the daughter of a prominent Russian ultra-nationalist ideologue over the weekend, which Russia blames on Ukraine, has also heightened fears of reprisals. Daria Dugina’s funeral took place on Tuesday in Moscow, where her father, Alexander Dugin, said that only the victory in Ukraine could justify the price he paid.

Zelenskiy said he had information from Ukrainian services and international partners that there was an increased threat, but stressed that the threat from Russia had remained daily and constant since February 24.

He told a press conference in Kyiv that Ukraine would not agree to any proposal to freeze the current front to “appease” Moscow, which now controls about 22 percent of Ukraine, including Crimea, writes The Guardian.

“If the world shows fatigue because of the war in Ukraine, it will be a big threat to the whole world,” Zelenskiy said in an online conference on Crimea attended by representatives from 60 countries.

On Tuesday morning, the US embassy in Kyiv broadcast an alarmist message warning that Russia could bomb Ukraine “in the next few days” and recommending that American citizens leave the country “right now”.

Since the withdrawal of Russian forces from the vicinity of the Ukrainian capital in late March, most of the fighting has been concentrated in the east, where Moscow has slowly gained ground, and in the south, where Ukrainian troops say they are conducting a counteroffensive that is also , very slow. However, Russia continues to regularly target Ukrainian cities with long-range missiles, even though Kiev and its surroundings are rarely hit.

Independence day

On August 24, Ukraine celebrates its independence from the USSR in 1991, a date that also marks a semester of war that caused tens of thousands of deaths and immense destruction in this country.

In this macabre context, “to celebrate” is not really the right verb, especially since the authorities in Kyiv have banned all public gatherings from Monday to Thursday in the capital, and the governor of the Kharkiv region (center-east) ordered, in turn , stopping access from Tuesday evening until Thursday morning.

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