May 28, 2023

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iLikeIT. Useful and cool gadgets that can also be unique gifts

Beyond phones or tablets, there are other gadgets. And some of them really cool. Useful? So and so, but cool I’m sure. And they can also be original gifts.

I’ll give some examples: the assistant for pets, glasses with a high-resolution screen, a vest for virtual reality or a physical digital notebook.

He is Enabot. A tiny little mouse with batteries and wheels and put on a sled. He can be the best friend for pets. And it can entertain them while people are at work.

I can control this little robot with an app. Here we also have a camera, which I can see and communicate with the cat. Or the dog, to tell him to be quiet, I’ll be home soon. I can move my robot, like that. He knows a lot of tricks, he can accelerate quickly. He tells his animal, keep up with me.

If you want thrills, but not too far from home, this video game vest is here. It fits perfectly in virtual reality. And it makes it look like I have muscles.

“I feel small vibrations starting from the shoulder area, all the way down. Now it’s raining harder. It’s strange to have physical contact with the virtual world. Ah, the headphones went off.”

They actually logged out of the game. This is why virtual reality is not catching on so quickly. Too complicated to install and configure. Too many cables.

Boby Cherian: “All of this creates a new level of interaction. People are no longer playing, they are living the game. In this vest we use 20 motorbikes. We did a lot of research to see which areas of the body are more sensitive and then we created a system where we control each engine separately.”

And since we are still talking about other realities, it would be a shame not to talk about these glasses from TCL. I know I’m not very good at it, but that’s not the topic right now.

Here we have the sun protection part. Here we have two screens projecting the image in front of me. The moment I put the glasses on I can see what the drone sees and I can pilot it as if I were in flight. It looks very good. It can be connected to a mobile phone, tablet, laptop. It’s an HDMI output and I can put whatever content I want into these augmented reality glasses.

Also good for watching movies… And I think also for gaming, during vacations.

And while I’m still talking about vacations… I also have a camera that I want to show you.

As interesting as Instagram or Facebook or any other social media application is, it seems that a classically shot photo looks better on paper. Here we have a Kodak Smile Plus, it’s a newly released camera that costs 80 euros and what’s different from any other camera, on film, it actually prints the photos, and for the main lens you can change its filters. I have a yellow, its natural magenta. The camera is turned on, I can take 30 photos, and a pack contains 10 prints.

Photos can also be sent to a mobile phone. But, the quality of the image is not a strong point, that’s why the photos that come out of the camera are small.

And if we’re still talking about the prince, here’s a modern stamp from Colop, a producer recognized for it.

“It’s a mobile printer that works with an app. In the application you can create whatever design you want, text, images
Want to see how it works?
Here we have the app with lots of images. I already have your logo here. I can make it bigger, smaller or move it. The printer is connected via wi-fi to the phone.
A sound was heard.
Yes, that means it’s ready.
And now you can print.”

And the book also goes through digitization. Here we have an e-reader from Kobo. What makes it different from other digital books is that you can write on it with a pen. This way you can make notes directly on the books you are reading. Or replace the classic diary to save paper for the camera from earlier. I no longer understand anything.

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