March 29, 2023

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Horoscope October 9, 2022, with Neti Sandu. The zodiac for which wedding bells are ringing

The vibration of the day is 9 and we know what we have to do and how to do it.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – LIBRA

You will enjoy seeing special people, maybe it’s an opportunity to find out news about a job, a business, a partnership. Surprises are in store for you.

A romantic dinner is foreshadowed and maybe declarations of love, a marriage proposal, in the case of some of you.

Exciting meeting with someone who cannot imagine life without you, and you may make a capital decision.

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Horoscope October 9, 2022 – SCORPIO

You are going to recover a relationship. The partner has realized that he can’t do anything without you and comes back, asks for forgiveness and the story continues.

You will make some additional expenses so that you can go on visits, for a walk, maybe go for a run in your favorite resort, as a couple.

Maybe there is someone who takes the first step towards you and will soften your heart and you will pursue a promising relationship.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – SAGITTARIUS

You may meet someone who can become your life partner, if you have decided to have a family as well.

You could save a marriage, a romantic relationship if you give in and don’t let your pride dominate you.

You will get involved in an event that will have echoes in your professional life, in your career.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – CAPRICORN

Meeting someone who wants to be together, and if you don’t have anyone, think again. You will weigh the whole situation carefully, so as not to risk it.

Maybe you get together with your group of friends to go on a day trip to strengthen relationships, to weld them together.

Maybe guests come to visit, if you’re up for it, otherwise go out to a restaurant.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – AQUARIUS

The travel sphere is beautifully lit and someone can invite you around the country and take you, if only for a few hours, because you need a change of scenery.

It’s a festive occasion, some friends are getting married or christening their child and you will be there too.

You will be among friends to orchestrate an event together and it will really work out.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – PISCES

An outing with friends in the city, in an amusement park would refresh you and you will have a different vibe at work.

You will be willing to spend as much as it takes to get your little attentions, to surprise them.

The invitations are flowing and a selection must be made, because there are people you will definitely want to meet – maybe for the first time.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – ARIES

It’s an effervescence, perhaps due to an important event – you get married, you found out how to become parents or someone else in the family has some great news.

An invitation to a party and maybe you’ll meet your soulmate there, because you don’t like being alone.

You will be surrounded by happy people – at a party – and you will charge your batteries for the whole coming week.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – TAURUS

An outing in another city is proposed to you and, if some friends have not invited themselves over, you go to forget about everyday affairs.

Someone from the extended family is calling you and you will even travel somewhere across the country to exchange a word, a hug.

It’s a family anniversary or another reason for joy, and you can also meet a new world, cool people.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – GEMINI

You’ll check some events around town and you’ll meet influential people who will offer to lend a helping hand, you can open some doors.

You can also travel by train to your preferred destination, if the car is in service or if you don’t feel like driving.

You can fall in love and have a good relationship, provided you are in sync with your partner.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – RAC

Maybe you prepare a festive lunch, even if only to sit with all your people at the table, because you want to tighten the ranks, because you feel safe with your people.

Maybe take part in a competition or take the kids to a mini party and it will be fun.

You could go on a trip if you didn’t invite anyone over. Friends expect you to make a treat.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – LEO

Maybe you go out for coffee with a business partner who tempts you with a project that would bring you money, but you might have to sacrifice family time.

You’ll feel good in the company of friends, whether you’re going on a trip together, whether you’re walking in the park or playing a sport.

Maybe you come across someone who boasts of a business that you could get involved in – turn the situation around.

Horoscope October 9, 2022 – VIRGO

Maybe you spend a lot of time with the kids, maybe you exercise together, you go to an amusement park, you find something fun.

Maybe someone calls you to offer you some work and they agree – but leave the offer open.

You have the opportunity to make a schedule with the little ones, maybe it’s a celebration or a show, a match, something exciting.

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