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Horoscope October 16, 2022, with Neti Sandu. Money slips through your fingers, but don’t let that scare you

Horoscope October 16, 2022, presented by Neti Sandu at ProTV News. Mixed news. We will enjoy the comforts of home and guests, but we can also take a turn outside to get some air and do some exercise.

The vibration of the day is 7 and we will make peace with ourselves.

Horoscope October 16, 2022BALANCEUm

You have a lot of animation and you want to watch it with your friends, maybe you’ve already made a schedule and will spend most of the day together on social occasions.

An invitation to a ceremony maybe a birthday or some relatives or friends are getting married, possibly in another city.

It may not be easy for you to honor all the invitations to the table, in town, at the festivities, but you will choose with the heart where go

Horoscope October 16, 2022SCORPION

Someone invites you for a walk and, if you are not leaving town or have no guests, you go it will bee a beneficial emotional exchange.

They bring up some emotional problems for you and maybe talk to someone about them, maybe even with the person in question.

There is someone from far away who wants you to meet at least 2-3 times hours that you have important things to discuss and you go

Horoscope October 16, 2022piercing

There is someone who insists you meet, let’s meet for a coffee somehow and you’ll say how you understand the relationship that it doesn’t seem to be going well at all.

It is possible to find out in the circle of friends about a project in which they want to involve some business people. place in the balance and see what decision you make.

Someone is courting you with insistence and if you are on reception perfectly, if notitell him directly

Horoscope October 16, 2022CAPRICORN

It can be an important day for you and you can express your opinion about the future of you two, of your family and vote on moving to another home.

Someone will come your way who will feel attraction towards you and you will be able to be together, if you don’t have anyone.

Someone comes along who might show interest in you and be honest with this person who will appreciate itchain link.

Horoscope October 16, 2022AQUARIUS

Maybe someone invites you to the table and you will be happy to go for you will be able to meet someone who will fit your way of being.

You can run to someone in the neighborhood to say a happy birthday, maybe strengthen a sentimental relationship.

You can go in a soul to someone who calls you that the misses you and you will be back by tonight.

Horoscope October 16, 2022FISH

It will be expensivecomplicated going out on the town, but yours is worth any financial sacrifice because a lot of work has been done at home and a breather is neededa.

Some health problems, albeit minor ones, have accumulated, but it is not good to ignore them. You see.

Maybe invite some friends over and send some special gifts too, for any particular reason

Horoscope October 16, 2022RAM

There will be a lot of people who want to meet you too, if you have nothing else to do, maybe you make time for each or him meet everyone at a party.

Maybe you go to a concert, it will be an awards gala and maybe you will be given a prize, a distinction.

It is possible to interact with some people who want to put their shoulder to a project that will surely bring you benefits, prestige and moneyand

Horoscope October 16, 2022BULL

News from the family direction is mixed and you may have a good word for yours, who might just be tired.

Maybe go out on a patio with friends if you don’t have guests, as you usually do.

You need family like air and you will meet and sit around the table, to connect

Horoscope October 16, 2022GEMINI

Your money is slipping awaycomplicated between your fingers, but don’t be afraid that you still make them and put them back – the important thing is to live wonderful moments with your loved ones.

It’s a celebration, it will be a siocomplicated birthday or maybe it’s a wedding anniversary and you’ll be there too.

You will meet on your way through the city, outside, someone with whom you will have a lot in common for a relationship.

Horoscope October 16, 2022CANCER

You will enjoy the attention of dear people and there will be a relaxed atmosphere, maybe even a party and you will put aside the things that bother you.

You can have an unannounced visit and relax, you will learn things that will benefit you

There are people who want you to team up with them, to have a common concern as possible extraprofessional and successful.

Horoscope October 16, 2022LION

It seems that in the group formula it will go well for you to borrow from there an energy that you lacked because you were tired after a hard week.

A goodbye to nephews, cousins, close relatives, maybe on the occasion of a baptism or other festive moment.

All the fun with a lot of people will restore you and you will go on a trip or go to shows at a gym

Horoscope October 16, 2022VIRGIN

They are family events that require you to put your shoulder to the preparation and enjoy the happy moments of those in the extended family.

You will have money to go out, especially if you promised the little ones to spend a good few hours in an amusement park.

I will spendand some money because unforeseen expenses arise, but pleasant, and the world around you will be grateful to you.

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