September 29, 2022

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Historical monuments, with business card | TIMPOLIS

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The Neighborhood Rehabilitation and Historical Monuments Office proposes to the Timișoara Local Council for approval, the Regulation regarding the signage of historical monuments in Timișoara.

This document summarizes and clarifies the legal provisions related to the signaling of monuments, the attributions and collaboration between the authorities with responsibilities in the field and the obligations of the owners, regarding the process of highlighting their status as historical monuments of heritage buildings”. transmit the representatives of the Timişoara City Hall.

In the List of historical monuments 2015, there are 97 objectives classified as historical monuments in the territory of Timișoara. Of these, 71 individual buildings, 22 complexes and 4 sites are designated.

Only part of them – individual monument buildings, sites or buildings part of sites, in the main squares of the Cetate or in the urban complex Fabric -, are signaled according to specific legislation, at different initiatives of the mayor’s office or the Timiș County Directorate for Culture. We want to end this process of flagging historical monuments. Every building that honors its place, through the people who built it and lived in it, through its historical and architectural qualities, let’s make it known as such, to have its own “visiting card”“, declares the mayor Dominic Fritz.

Timișoara City Hall placed such plaques on the facades of 60 historical monument buildings between 2010 and 2013. Since the beginning of the year, say the representatives of the Municipality, all supports for the signaling of historical monuments have been inventoried and the owners of buildings where these plates were no longer present, according to the records held by the City Hall, have been notified to replace them: “The possibility of replacing a new plate by Timișoara City Hall will only be analyzed if the signaling plate was stolen and the value of the support could not be recovered and depending on the available financial resources. In this case, the owner must provide proof of reporting to the police and of complying with his obligations.”

Photo: PMT

According to the proposed regulation, the City Hall and the Timiş County Culture Directorate will establish the maximum number of buildings that can be signaled annually, the prioritization of the buildings to be signaled and will establish the responsibilities for the realization of the information content and the design of the identification plate. It is also aimed at marking in a GIS system the data related to the historical monument status of the buildings and those already signposted.

The Local Police will periodically communicate the situation of the historical monument’s signaling support to the Bureau of Neighborhood Rehabilitation and Historical Monuments, and the necessary measures will be applied by the two structures. “These actions are intended to protect historic monument buildings, and are a means of information, awareness and promotion of the special status of buildings of historical and architectural value in our city”, declare the representatives of the City Hall.

After the approval of the regulation, the signaling of historical monuments will be resumed until all those included in the List of historical monuments existing in Timişoara are highlighted.

Details and advice regarding the Financial Support Program and the situation of the historic building are provided by the advisors of the Bureau of Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Monuments within the Timișoara City Hall, with headquarters on Ștefan cel Mare str., no. 2, at the address mai [email protected] or at the phone numbers 0752.224.171, 0374.555.160, from Monday to Thursday, between 9am and 4pm.

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