October 2, 2022

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Gurghiu commune, always cooked for the holiday on the Fâncel Plateau – News from Mures, News Targu mures

Among the most beautiful stands at the Gurghiului Valley Festival on the “La Fâncel” Plateau is the one of the Gurghiu commune, always surprising for visitors, who get to experience the best and most traditional of the Gurghiu commune.

“I consider it the most eloquent stand of all the stands at the festival. We have exhibited all the existing wealth in Gurghiu commune. We have the trophies from the Forest High School, one of the symbols of the commune, an educational institution with an age of over 125 years. Next, we have a place loaded with everything that nature can offer us, from grains to the berries that are abundant in our area. Last but not least, the allegorical house where the visitor finds both Romanian and Hungarian traditions specific to the villages of the Gurghiu commune”, László Levente, the florist of the Gurghiu commune, who year after year takes care of setting up the Gurghiu commune’s stand, told us.

The goodies oven

I noticed at this year’s edition the absence of the shoemaking workshop, replaced by a functional bread oven. “If in the past editions of the festival, the Gurghiu stand was animated by a small workshop where visitors could see live how a horse is shod, it was replaced by a full-fledged oven, functional during the two days of the festival, an opportunity for visitors to taste the wonderful dishes cooked on site. In order to revive the tradition of preparing peasant pastries that people used to make at home in the oven, this oven was made at the Gurghiu stand. It was not a simple investment at all, but it is an extremely welcome one, through which to show visitors how our buns were made in the oven, but especially for people to taste and discover the wonderful taste of these products. We haven’t forgotten the chaos, for next year we are looking for a location at the stand that will be integrated into the offer of the Gurghiu commune, given the fact that it is a component part of the traditions of our commune”, said László Levente.

The world of childhood in miniature

Right from the entrance, next to the already well-known works of art carved in stone by craftsmen from Glăjărie, we also found a small corner of stories, a small world of dwarfs in miniature signed by Laszlo Noemi Gyopár.

“I tried to bring life to the gnome’s house, with everything around it. I worked on this miniature set for about three weeks, during which time I tried and I hope I managed to translate in a unique way a fairy tale world, a world imagined by me with all kinds of characters, places. The first time I built the house, then the mill, the carriage, the decoration, then the characters, respectively the dwarves. It’s a world in miniature, a world imagined by me with the stories as a source of inspiration,” Laszlo Noemi Gyopár told us. The chip doesn’t seem to jump far from the trunk, the floral talent being inherited from his father. “Always, for the Gurghiu Valley Festival, we don’t only think about adults, we always take into account the younger age segment as well, which is why all these statuettes, the decorations that are at the allegorical house Gurghiu, the model made by my daughter, have an addressability children, so that they too can enjoy the two days of the festival. The moment they see the wonderful world of dreams, of the stories they have read or heard from their grandparents and parents, these children begin to feel good. This is our purpose, as adults, towards these wonderful children”, said László Levente.


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