March 25, 2023

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“Golden” emotions at the wedding of seniors from Luduš – Mures News, Targu Mures News

One of the most exciting events organized by Luduș City Hall for its residents is the “Golden Wedding”, celebrated this year on September 30 at an elegant salon in the “Romeo and Juliet” complex. The celebration also marked the Day of the Elderly adopted by the National Federation of Pensioners’ Unions from Romania in 1996, October 1 being a day recommended by the United Nations.

“50 years of life… a story”

On this occasion, the City Hall welcomed the celebrants with bouquets of flowers, fidelity diplomas “as a sign of respect and appreciation, on the occasion of the 50th wedding anniversary”, as well as an envelope containing 400 lei. The 30 celebrated couples were congratulated by the mayor Ioan Cristian Moldovan and the deputy mayor Kis Istvan: Novac Grigore and Ana, Feher Iuliu and Valeria, Boca Luca and Floarea, Moldovan Cornel and Agneta, Deteșan Gheorghe and Maria, Rus Emilian and Aurelia, Jeler Ion and Lucretia, Soș Ovidiu and Felicia, Dezsan Vasile and Catalina, Cormoș Ioan and Ana, Miș Ambrozie and Maria, Pop Dumitru and Viorica, Mărginean Gheorghe and Minerva, Paraschiva Ion and Ana, Trif Sevastian and Livia, Muntean Alexandru and Maria, Szanto Alexandru and Emma, ​​Ognean Ioan and Maria, Zăhan Iacob and Ana, Pap Iuliu and Maria, Boca Ioan and Ileana, Szekery Ștefan and Iuliana, Oaneș Aurel and Maria, Țeculescu Gheorghe and Aurelia, Keresztes Blajiu and Rozalia, Zolog Vasile and Maria, Henter Francisc and Gizella, Aszalos Arpad and Margareta, Radu Ioan and Cornelia, Cîmpean Valer and Aurelia.

Councilors Liviu Botezan, Sebastian Căpușan, Gelu Puia, Claudiu Ciucă, Ioan Marcel Orosfoian, Ioan Șopterean and Emil Alecu Stan participated in the celebration. And, because it was a “wedding”, representatives of the clergy were also present: Lucian Voșloban, Sorin Valer Russu, Czirmay Levente and Portik – Hegyi Kelemen. The musical part of the event was provided by Cornel Sabău and the well-known popular music performer Ionela Moruțan. Felicia Șoș, one of the celebrants, thanked for the invitation through her own creation “50 years of life… a story”, from which we present a short fragment: “I see a path ahead/ Sprinkled with petals/ And a light from sun/ As their greatest love/ Home, work and children/ We have woven them together beautifully/ With faith in Christ”.

Nice words for retirees

Ioan Cristian Moldovan, the mayor of Luduș, said: “The International Day of the Elderly” is a special occasion to honor and celebrate as it should be the couples from the city who celebrated their “Golden Wedding” this year. In the year 1972 you held hands and promised to continue life together forever. I don’t know how hard it was, but I’m sure that during the five decades together, you were with the same dear man, you always gave and didn’t ask for anything in return, you understood his thoughts and lived life as a couple in – an exemplary way. Congratulations to the 30 families celebrating 50 years of living together. I wish you good health, enjoy your children and grandchildren. I wish you a happy birthday and a long, healthy life!”.

Andronic Stoica, president of the pensioners’ union, said: “I have known most of you for a long time, since you were young, and now I see that time has passed very quickly, but usefully, and you have reached the age of beautiful maturity. I congratulate you on 50 years of cohabitation and wish you much health and happiness”.

Ovidiu Crișan, president of the Pensioners’ Mutual Aid House, said: “For 32 years I have been dealing with the problems of pensioners in Luduș. We initiated this celebration of fidelity in marriage 26 years ago out of a desire to reward couples who have reached half a century of life together. At this stage of life I wish you to live many years in health, with the joys that your children and grandchildren bring you. Happy Birthday!”.


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