January 27, 2023

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George Mihăiță, “Tătuțu” from the series “Clanul”, turns 74

George Mihăiță is a Romanian film, radio, television and theater actor who starred in some of the most memorable films in Romanian cinema. This year he can be seen in the series The Clan.

On September 23, 2022, George Mihăiță, called “Tătuțu” in the “Clan” series, turns 74.

Throughout his career, George Mihăiță played in many films known to the Romanian public.

The latest production in which George Mihăiță plays is the series “Clanul”, which is broadcast every Monday from 20:30 on PRO TV and online on VOYO, a week before.

The life of George Mihaita

George Mihaita was born on September 23, 1948 in Moroeni, Dâmbovița county, in a modest family. His father was a truck mechanic and his mother was a grocery clerk, which is where he got the nickname “Franzeluță” when he was young.

In high school, George Mihăiță played at the “Flacăra” Club at the “Casa de Cultură” in Moreni, where his talent was immediately recognized and he was directed to take acting courses.

In 1971, he graduated from the Theater and Cinematography Institute in Bucharest, Acting department, in the class of the university professor, Sanda Manu.

Since college, George Mihăiță made his debut in cinematography with the role of “Vuica”, in the film “Reconstituirea” (1968), alongside Vladimir Găitan.

His performance was appreciated and he was even wanted to play in Italy, as he would tell later. “Michelangelo Antonioni, the great Italian director, sent a letter to the Ministry of Culture in the 70s, in which he wanted me and Gaitan for a film. I think he had seen “Reconstitution” and liked it. But the Ministry showed us the letter after 10 years!”.

In addition to numerous roles in films, George Mihăiță had a prolific career in theater. From 2000 until now, he is the director of the Comedy Theater in Bucharest.

In December 2002, George Mihăiță was decorated with the “National Order of Faithful Service” in the rank of Knight, along with other actors, “for the devotion and artistic grace put in the service of the Romanian theater, on the occasion of the completion of a century and a half of the existence of the National Theater from Bucharest”.

Films in which George Mihaita starred

Throughout his career, George Mihăiță played in over 60 films and 80 plays, most of them at the Comedy Theatre.

Some of George Mihaita’s most memorable roles can be viewed on VOYO:

► “Reconstituirea” (1968), in the role of “Vuica”

► “Miscellaneous Brigade goes into action” (1970), in the role of “forestry brigadier Haralambie Harpalete from Nucșoara”.

► “Veronica” (1973) and “Veronica returns” (1973), in the role of the “Aurica mouse”

► “Saltimbancii” (1981) and “A saltimbanc at the North Pole” (1982), in the role of “Clown”,

► “Moromeții 2” (2018), in the role of “Aristide”.

George Mihaita in “The Clan”

In the “Clanul” series, George Mihăiță plays the role of “Bebe Măcelaru”, the head of the mafia, the one whom those close to him call “Tătuțu”.

The series “Clan” shows the conflicts between the world of the mafia and the police and is based on the action of the Turkish series “Icerde”.

The clan is centered around an engaging story that reaches its peak when love stories spice up the eternal battle between the police and the mafia.

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