October 2, 2022

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Gender. Wesley Clark, former NATO commander: Putin is guilty of the worst crimes, and some are talking about peace negotiations

“The next 4-6 weeks are crucial for the fate of the war in Ukraine”, believes the American reserve general, Wesley Clark, who declares against peace negotiations with Vladimir Putin at this stage of the conflict.

The former commander of NATO troops believes in Kiev’s chances of victory, given that the West accelerates its arms deliveries and maintains sanctions against Moscow as much as possible. Wesley Clark made these comments in an interview with documentary filmmaker John Florescu.

Wesley Clark: “Vladimir Putin is guilty of the worst crimes, ethnic cleansing, children taken away from their parents, people executed in internment camps. It is happening before our eyes, and some are talking about peace negotiations! Do we want to welcome him back to the stage of the Nations?”.

For General Wesley Clark, former commander of NATO troops between 1997 and 2000, there is no question of peace negotiations with Vladimir Putin. Not before the Ukrainians regain their lost territories and have a solid position at the negotiating table.

Wesley Clark: If I lose, Ukraine will cease to exist

Wesley Clark: “The voices calling for an end to the fighting do not understand what this war means for Ukrainians. They fight for their own survival. If they lose, Ukraine will cease to exist. Without the southern coast, without the cultivated areas, without the industrial area of ​​Donbas, Ukraine does not do much anymore”.

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The American general, who since 2000 has advised all US presidents on military affairs in Europe, considers the risk of the Russians using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine to be low.

Wesley Clark: “I don’t think Putin will use tactical nuclear weapons. Threatening it is very useful to him, but at this stage the diplomatic, economic impact, the global scandal would outweigh any tactical advantage. Of course, Putin can use nukes whenever he wants, but it wouldn’t be rational, and he remains a shrewd, capable leader. He is the most experienced global leader at the moment.”

Wesley Clark: I highly doubt the sanctions will last through the winter

A former combatant in Vietnam, General Clark says that the situation on the front changed decisively after the Americans sent to Kiev the multiple HIMARS missile launchers, thanks to which the Ukrainians were able to attack command centers, logistics and warehouses of the Russians. From his point of view, however, it is vital that the Westerners do not slow down the pace of deliveries.

Wesley Clark: “Ukrainians must fight to recapture Kherson and reclaim Crimea by the end of the year. And that depends on the support of the West, and from this point of view I have real concerns. Courageous leaders are needed in Western capitals, led by the United States, the world leader. I am cautiously optimistic at this stage, provided we continue, perhaps at an accelerated pace, to supply Ukraine with equipment over the next 4-6 weeks so that it can take control of the Kherson region. Because I highly doubt the sanctions will last through the winter. We now have a small ‘window’ that can be speculated militarily, after that, the political and the economic will take the reins”.

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