May 28, 2023

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Geiger Transilvania rehabilitated DJ106 ahead of schedule, Agnita – Sighisoara – News from Mures, News Targu mures

Involved in numerous infrastructure projects, the Geiger Transilvania company recently completed the rehabilitation of DJ106, Agnita – Sighisoara, a complex work, which was completed 3 months before the terms stipulated in the contract.
The work carried out by the company from Mures had a final value of 122,257,336 lei (VAT included) and was financed by the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020. Beneficiary – a partnership between Sibiu County Council and Mureș County Council. The works were tendered in November 2020, and in the summer of 2020 the execution was started, with a deadline of 30 months, i.e. until December 2022.
The project manager of the work, Eng. Istvan Koti, gave us details about the execution:
“The project aimed to improve the road infrastructure of the DJ106, 37.3 km long, which crosses the towns of Șaes, Apold, Brădeni and Netuș, connecting the Municipality of Sighișoara and the town of Agnita in Sibiu County. The main works consisted in the strengthening of the road structure with drilled piles of reinforced concrete, over a length of 1km, the widening of the road with boxes, the laying of a layer of broken stone for the construction of the road foundation (160,000 tons), the laying of 62,000 tons of asphalt in two layers , the realization of ballast abutments.
Water drainage is ensured by 23 km of concrete ditches, 13 km of earth ditches and the construction of 125 new bridges. 550 reinforced concrete decks were made for access to properties and side roads.
Also, an existing bridge with a length of 21 m was rehabilitated and 4 new bridges were built, on concrete beams, with lengths between 14 m and 33 m.
Traffic safety is ensured by 8.5 km of semi-heavy and heavy parapets, axial, marginal and transversal markings made of thermoplastic material, non-slip carpets and new road signs.”
According to the representative of Geiger Transilvania, during the execution of the works, 50-60 people and 30 machines/trucks constantly worked on the site, and there were also peak periods when the staff exceeded 150 people and 70 machines/trucks.
Istvan Koti also spoke about the challenges within the project: “At the start of the works, we encountered difficulties, first of all, due to the pandemic conditions at the time and, secondly, due to technical problems related to the implementation of the technical project on the ground. With a joint effort, starting in 2021, things became quite clear, the collaboration between the Contractor, the Beneficiary, the Designer and the Supervisor worked well, this being one of the reasons why the work could be completed 3 months before the contractual deadline. “
In Romania, Geiger Transilvania is part of the Geiger Group, which has offices in Târgu Mureș, Sibiu, Iași, Brașov and Bucharest. The company is active in the fields of construction, raw materials and environmental technologies, with over 620 employees. Geiger owns 5 own ballast plants from where it annually extracts approximately 1.3 thousand tons of aggregates and ballast for construction, 2 concrete plants with an annual production of approximately 50,000 cubic meters and 4 asphalting stations, which produce approximately 190,000 tons of asphalt annually.
Florin Marcel Sandor

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