October 2, 2022

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“Gala Flamingo Artistic Creation Năvodari” competition – 2nd edition

The “Gala Flamingo Artistic Creation Năvodari” contest will take place on September 9. Young people and … adults with literary concerns from the whole country are expected to participate.

Invited live on Radio Constanța, Latip Abdul-Cair, writer, actor and director spoke to us about the event he initiated.

Latip Abdul-Cair: We are in the second edition, the contest does not have a given theme, it is up to the competitors. People of all age groups who want to somehow put their thoughts, emotions and (why not?) dreams on paper are welcome. We also have prizes for each section. This time we are talking about a national level competition, participants from Constanța and Mangalia but also from Bârlad, Galați, Alba Iulia and Rm. Vâlcea have already signed up.

What is the difference between the inaugural edition in 2021 and this year?

Latip Abdul-Cair: More wishes perhaps, more participants, the event began to take on more volume, shape. This motivates us to continue and support both the young and the adults in this art. We noticed at the first edition that we have young people passionate about the art of writing, young people who had and have aspirations, and some of them came to the second edition as well. It was emotion, it was sensitivity, it was something new for our city because it hadn’t hosted a literature contest until 2021, which from my experience I can say requires a certain kind of intimacy, it’s a little different. Last year we had around 50 participants and so far we already have 42 registered for the second edition.

What themes were addressed in 2021?

Latip Abdul-Cair: They talked, they dreamed a lot about childhood, about life, about the pandemic period that was last year. This year we are anxious to see what the contestants will write about… I support all those who have literary concerns and not only to participate in this contest or if they cannot participate I encourage them to write. I encourage literature, art, culture because this also distinguishes us from other peoples.

Until Friday, September 2, all those interested can enter their works in the three sections of the literary competition: POETRY, PROSE, COMPOSITION, to the e-mail address of the initiator, Mr. Latip Abdul Cair, writer, actor, director and employee of the City Hall City of Năvodari: [email protected] Additional information can be obtained at the telephone number: 0737.431.767.

Deployment stages:

09/02/2022 – Receipt of works
03.09.2022 – 07.09.2022 – Evaluation of works
09/08/2022 – Centralization and communication of results
09.09.2022 – Awards ceremony, 5 p.m., Năvodari Business Center
Composition of the jury:

RODICA RÂPEANU, poet – president of the Jury
NASTASICA POPA, poet – member
GABRIELA DOBRE, lyrical artist – member
AURA MUCA, poet – member
Judging criteria: Compliance with spelling and punctuation rules; compliance with current technical editing techniques and the general impression provided by the text; the impact of the transmitted message, its instructive – educational value; the artistic valences of the text, the appreciation of elements of creativity, stylistic figures, artistic images, rhetorical procedures; the authenticity and originality of the creation, the degree of artistic complexity.

Careful! The poems must contain a minimum of six lines and a maximum of 8 stanzas, and the compositions a minimum of 15 lines, a maximum of 30. The works will be digitally edited in A4 format, with Times New Roman 12 characters, on one line, in Romanian. At the end of the paper, it will be specified: the name and surname of the participant, the teaching staff (if applicable), the title of the paper, the section (poetry/prose/composition), the category (primary education/secondary education/high school education/adult) , telephone number of participant/teacher, city.

The contest does NOT have a given theme, this being chosen by the participants.

The works entered in the contest must not have participated/ been awarded in any creative contest or any scientific event. A participant can enter the contest with several creations of different genres (poetry, composition, short story, prose).

Note! In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 8/1996 regarding copyright, each participant or their parent/legal guardian expresses their explicit consent for the publication and storage of the works by “Gala Flamingo Artistic Creation”.

Interview conducted by Larisa Calistru / online editor – Daniel Țăndăreanu

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