December 9, 2022

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Fruitful summer in Reghin-Apalina parish – News from Mures, News Targu mures

Reghin-Apalina Parish, with the blessing of His Holiness Archbishop Irineu, organized during the summer vacation two camps for pupils and students, coordinated by the parish priest Dr. Vasile Farcaş

The first camp, “The Joy of Communion”, in its 7th edition, took place between August 1-13, 2022, organized in work centers, painting on glass, modeling in clay and painting on clay, refurbishing old objects, weaving at war, sewing, knitting, knitting, sports and recreational activities, Bible reading, movies and learningapps – religion, music activities. These centers were coordinated by the camp’s volunteers, among whom were priests, teachers, educators, students, among whom we mention Fr. Dr. Vasile Farcaş, Fr. Dr. Mircea-Bogdan Oprea (Parish of “Saints Peter and Paul” from Bistrita, Prof. Dr. Severina-Maria Farcaş and Prof. Dr. Eduard Csupan (“Petru Maior” College from Reghin), respectively Prof. Maria Petruţ, Loredana Moldovan and Corina Covaciu.

“Along with the pre-set daily program, the camp participants also enjoyed the presence among them of some guests who carried out demonstration activities: the physiotherapists of the Reghin KineticSoft Recovery Center, a team of Târgu-Mureş SMURD volunteers and representatives of the Reghin Traffic Police . Each day of the camp ended in the spirit of common prayer at the parish church, where the children actively participated, in the pew, in the service of the Chapel of the Mother of God. At the end of the prayer, the children enjoyed a catechetical program supported by Fr. Dr. Vasile Farcaş”, stated the representatives of the Reghin-Apalina parish.

The second camp, ”Dăruind vei akkursi” in its first edition, took place between August 27-28, being a camping camp, through which the young volunteers experienced tent camping and nature activities.

“This camp offers volunteers the opportunity to socialize and experience moments together, of relaxation and joy, as a reward for their involvement in the volunteer activities of the Reghin-Apalina parish. That’s why the name of the camp for volunteers was chosen to represent the state of experimentation that they live: “By giving you will acquire”, said the representatives of the Apalina parish.

Here we should also mention the “Old and New Monasteries” pilgrimage, held between July 18-19, 2022 on the route Floreşti Monastery, Ciucea Monastery and “St. Ioan Iacob Hozevitul” Monastery (Cluj county), “Holy Cross” Monastery from Oradea and the Monastery Izbuc (county, Bihor), as well as the Albac and Lupşa Monasteries (Alba county), and the “I came Măicuţă to see you again” pilgrimage. The latter has an annual character, being intended for the participants of the “Joy of Communion” summer camp.

“It always takes place during the Fast of the Dormition of the Mother of God and aims to familiarize young people with the ritual of the archaic pilgrimage to the Monasteries dedicated to the “Assumption of the Mother of God”. This year, the activity took place on August 12 and had as its itinerary the monasteries located on the Gurghiului Valley, respectively Caşva and Lăpuşna. All these activities were met by the participants with great enthusiasm and left in their souls a lot of joy, peace and the desire to re-experience them as many times as possible”, stated representatives of the Apalina parish.


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