March 29, 2023

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Former member of the Russian Air Force: Putin fears a revolt by his generals

US President Biden does not believe Putin will use a tactical nuclear weapon in Ukraine, but is asking him to stop threatening the nuclear option because things risk getting out of hand.

Affected by international sanctions, the Russian economy is now facing a new blow as the partial mobilization of reservists leaves companies without employees. On the other hand, Kiev has received new high-performance military systems, but is also trying to persuade the French to send more “Caesar” guns.

In Moscow, on the other hand, television stations shockingly glorify the brutality of the rocket attacks of the last few days.

“Has the big day come? Russia has finally started to hit the Kyiv regime! What price will the Ukrainian Nazis pay for attacking the Crimean bridge? You will see all this in today’s edition!”

This shocking montage with the devastation caused on Monday in Ukraine by dozens of Russian missiles was broadcast in a triumphalist tone by the television station owned by Gazprom. The Ukrainians responded defiantly.

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Man: “Endless despair. But we resist, look, I’m going to work now. We are used to it. It makes us angry, not afraid. This Putin frog looks like he was bored in his burrow”.

Biden: Putin is a “rational individual”

In an extensive interview given to CNN, Biden describes Putin as a “rational individual”, who, however, launched the invasion based on completely erroneous premises.

Joe Biden: “No, I didn’t say it wasn’t rational. I think, I think the speech… his goals were not rational. I think he thought he would be welcomed with open arms (in Ukraine), that there, in Kyiv, was still the home of Mother Russia, he made his calculations completely wrong”.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO: “We closely monitor Russia’s nuclear forces. We have not seen any change in their condition, but we remain vigilant”.

Meanwhile, Russian rocket attacks continue in Kherson, Melitopol and Zaporozhye.

According to the government in Kyiv, Russian missiles destroyed 30% of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure in two days.

Jeremy Fleming, director of GCHQ: “Using detainees as front-line reinforcements and mobilizing tens of thousands of inexperienced recruits betrays a desperate situation for the Kremlin.”

Andrei Kozyrev, former Russian foreign minister: “He is resorting to his usual tactic: intimidation. The threat of nuclear weapons, which he will not use. Terror remained his only option”.

Putin is afraid of a revolt by his generals, believes Gleb Irisov, a former member of the Russian Air Force, who has now fled the country. It would be the reason why he has just appointed Sergei Surovikin, who has proven his “deep loyalty” to the Russian regime and to the president personally, as commander in charge of the war in Ukraine.

But, “the setbacks suffered by the Russians in the last two months have convinced the Kremlin to try once again a single command on the fronts in Ukraine. But the reality is that no Russian general alive can improve the situation for the Russians,” says Mick Ryan, Major General retired Australian.

Kiev’s forces continue to strengthen

Meanwhile, Kiev’s forces continue to strengthen. Ukraine received the German IRIS-T air defense system, one of the most efficient at the moment, and the Ukrainian Minister of Defense announces that 4 more long-range multiple missile launchers, HIMARS, have arrived in the country.

And the White House confirmed that the Americans will deliver 8 advanced NASAMS air defense systems. Two will arrive very soon, another 6 will be sent in time.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO: “Ukraine needs different types of short- and long-range anti-aircraft defense systems to intercept ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, drones.”

Serge Gainsbourg’s sensual music, chocolate, gorgeous French women and the Eiffel Tower at sunset! Ukraine’s military has broken military communications code with a video imploring Paris to show “romanticism” by sending new Caesar artillery pieces with a range of 40km.

CNN reporter: Would you be willing to meet (Putin) at the G20?

Joe Biden: “I’m not going to meet with him. But if, for example, he came to me at the G20 and said: “I want to talk about the release of Griner (American basketball player)”… Then, it depends.”

The Kremlin said Vladimir Putin would not refuse to meet Joe Biden at next month’s G20 summit in Indonesia.

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