May 28, 2023

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“Flavours of the Earth”, book about the taste of travel – News from Mures, News Targu Mures

A book about the art of travel, about the art of the goodies we put on the plate was launched on Wednesday, October 12, at the Grand Hotel in Târgu Mureș. In attendance were notables happy to be with those who came up with this idea and then turned it into reality. It was attended by people curious to know about “Scents of the Earth” and what the book hides in its pages. People participated who wanted to share similar experiences and find out where else they can travel and what else they can taste…

Three people who created a book

At the beginning of the event, Prof. Dr. Eng. Tripon Avram, president of the “Si noi potem reusi” Club Association, addressed touching words about the book, about those who read it and last but not least, he briefly introduced the three who they set this book up in the world.

“When I saw the book, starting from the title itself, I thought how extraordinary it is! Because the aromas are also on a physical level, on a mental, spiritual level… I had the joy of finding that a lot of aromas are also in the book, not only in the cover. The cover is special, but so is the content. Life gave me the opportunity to meet all three who appear on the cover, Ștefan Runcan, Horea Remus Epure and Doru Costa. And as they say that a man is known by his deeds, I saw many deeds in these three friends. It is a joy that significant things are happening in our society, that we are evolving nicely. Let’s look from this perspective, let’s see the fruits, the always pleasant aromas”, pointed out Tripon Avram, after which he made short presentations about the three wonderful people who gave birth to the book.

A review of the book and other stories from a life full of everything, the president of the “Vasile Netea” Foundation, Dimitrie Poptamaș, shared with those present. The former director of the Mureș County Library, who has passed through his hands many new books, specified about the released book: “I have to tell you with all sincerity that I have not seen this book until this morning. For me it was a wonderful surprise, a particularly pleasant surprise! Why? Because carrying so many books in my hands, I didn’t find a similar book… I knew Ioan Grigorescu’s travel books, both in America and all over Europe, which were particularly beautiful. But after studying the work of Mr. Petru Runcan, I said that the work of his lordship is a special one. It is his lordship’s way of interweaving the profession he cared so much about, with the flight and the stopover he had in so many countries. From all this, the man who loved the profession extraordinarily much left his mark”.

Over 35 countries visited

“I will only allow myself to make a brief statement about this book of 270 pages, with illustrations and with many elements related to the graphic presentation that Horea made in each of these countries that I included in the work. So, the book is produced by the Hertzog publishing house, which has its headquarters in the passage from Mureș Mall, and from there the book can also be bought. This was printed in Poland, not because we are not patriotic, but because the quality-price ratio was much better than elsewhere. The intention to write the book started following the meetings we had here at the Grand, at the restaurant. Here, a group of friends, businessmen, representatives of local public institutions, we would meet on Thursday evenings and set the country in motion, and Doru Costa, who was the chef, would bring us a different dish every time. So the idea is due to these meetings and the fact that in the activity I practiced in civil aviation, I had the pleasure of visiting more than 35 countries, which I included in this work”, said Runcan Petru Ștefan , former director of the “Transilvania” International Airport in Târgu Mureș and author of the book “Flavours of the Earth”.

An important role in the book is also occupied by the graphic art handled by Horea Remus Epure, who supported over 150 exhibitions in Romania and 10 exhibitions abroad throughout his professional activity. He stated: “I brought here about 50-60 works. The complete material contains 400 works. I want to continue with Mr. Runcan and the people from Grand, the first art gallery of the city of Târgu Mureș, for those who want to purchase works of art and valuable, patrimonial works… What you see is what it is, and I I invite you to admire the exhibition!”.

And because music is the one that brings people closer, but also the one that is able to carry them as far as possible, to unseen and unknown places, at the end of the event, the musical quartet “Bohemia” filled the souls of those present with dreams and flight to any place he wanted. And after traveling on musical notes through Naples, on the streets of Paris, in Buenos Aires with Latin rhythms, the evening ended with a glass of champagne and memories of travel experiences.


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