June 4, 2023

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Exhibitions, workshops and film screenings at SIMFEST – Mures News, Targu Mures News

Exhibitions and public caricature workshop at SIMFEST

The first exhibition of the Simfest Film and Television Festival was opened on Monday, August 29, in the Medieval Citadel. The exhibition is called “The Duel of Visual Arts” and contains works by Mihai Pânzaru (PIM) and Janos Szilveszter. The exhibition can be viewed daily between 10:00 and 17:00 in the Dogarilor Bastion.

“It is a retrospective of the works, there are works that were part of international exhibitions, there are copies of some works that are already abroad in their collections, in the collection of the newspapers where I worked, portraits and attempts at painting, plastic art”, he transmitted in Janos Szilveszter during the opening.

Among the caricature enthusiasts, former colleagues of Janos Szilveszter from the editorial office of the newspaper “24 de ore Mureșene” participated in the opening, including the cartoonist Tetti Boros, Simion Pop, Mircea Panaiot, Tibi Reman, Ede Tordai and Nicolae Băciuț, the director of the County Directorate of Culture.

“I think we have to rediscover our vocation. The Romanian people are the ones who found the solution to their survival through that famous laugh and cry. I kind of lost it. Through Bacovia’s voice, we also gave the world another meaning of Romanian existence: a sad country full of humor. This is the dimension that we have unfortunately lost. I think that this exhibition and in general the approaches that are circumscribed to the caricature, the epigram, meet this need to rediscover our lost self in this dimension”, declared Nicolae Băciuț.

Public workshop held by Mihai Pânzaru

As part of the exhibition, cartoonist Mihai Pânzaru is holding a public workshop called “Portrait in Caricature” on Tuesday, August 30 and Wednesday, August 31, at the Small Stage in Cetatea Medievală, where those who wish can receive a portrait made by him in just a few minutes.

About the caricature the artist Mihai Pânzaru says that “it is a modern language. In general, the true caricaturist is the caricaturist who responds to a thematic command and through a suggestive drawing that characterizes him, creates languages(…) It is a form of expression of man’s love for man.”

During the week of SIMFEST, the photography exhibition “From the world of my film” by Ada Vertan will be inaugurated on Tuesday, August 30, at the Ariel Theater. The exhibition will remain open in the theater foyer after the closing of the SIMFEST Festival.

Workshops and Masterclasses

Izabela Bostan is currently a director, choreographer, doctor university lecturer for acting specialization at UNATC. On Tuesday, August 30, she held a “Body awareness through scenic movement” workshop.

The workshop was attended by a group of students from the Faculty of Theater in Târgu Mureș who learned, for three hours, how to use their body and how to express themselves better through movement.

Masterclasses and workshops are a novelty with which the XIX SIMFEST edition comes this year. On Wednesday, August 31, from 3:00 p.m., Dan Puric will hold a workshop entitled “New Theater”, at the Târgu Mureș Medieval Citadel. On Friday, September 2, Marcel Iureș will speak “The actor in four dimensions: theater, film, television, radio.”, starting at 4:00 p.m.

SIMFEST special evening performances

On Wednesday, August 31, the projection is replaced by a special show dedicated to the Day of the Romanian Language, at the Palace of Culture. Thursday, September 1, the film “Anul Pierdut”, at the House of Culture in Reghin, at 19:00. Friday, September 2, a special screening for children of the film “Veronica”, from 10:30, and in the evening from 21:00 the film “Red Gloves”, in the presence of the actor Marcel Iureș, at the ARTA cinema.

Also, throughout the period from August 29 to September 4, the public can watch daily public screenings of the productions qualified for the final of the festival. They take place daily between 9:30 – 11:00 and 15:00 – 19:00, at the Medieval Citadel in Târgu Mureș.

“The Duel of Visual Arts”
“The Duel of Visual Arts”
Public caricature workshop
Stage movement workshop
Stage movement workshop
Exhibition “From the world of film”

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