May 28, 2023

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The National Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products was celebrated on Monday, October 10. At Târgu Mureș, Piața Trandafirilor has become a fair place like in the old days, where local producers from Mures from all the hills of the county, came with all kinds of goodies to bring a rainbow to the palate and a breath of health, “those from Town”. The exhibition for the sale of agri-food products obtained in Mureș County was organized by the Mureș County Agriculture Department, in partnership with the Prefect’s Institution, the Mureș County Council and the Târgu Mureș City Hall.

“The people of Mures want to consume quality local products. That is why I support the request of Mureș farmers to create a local fair of products from our county, organized monthly in Târgu Mureș. We had a first discussion on this topic with the representatives of the Târgu Mureș City Hall and the Mureș County Council, and we are going to give our full support to the specific requests of the Mureș Agriculture Directorate. I believe that only through mutual support can we be stronger and more competitive. Work power to all the local producers from Mureș”, said the prefect of Mureș County, Mara Togănel.

The stands were full of pickles, fresh vegetables and fruits, cosmetics, cheeses and dairy products, autumn flowers, honeydew, various types of jam, honey and bee products and many others of all kinds, ready to fill the pantries of the people of Mures. Several of the producers present shared with the daily Zi de Zi, one more about the products they brought to the fair.

Sweet and healthy, from Hodac

“The first time we go to make the rapeseed honey, in April, then in May, we start to harvest the acacia honey, then we will make the forest honey and then the linden honey and after that the sunflower honey. The most sought after of the ones we have here today is polyfloral honey. The finest honey is acacia honey, which is also called “living food”, because it contains 400 nutrients and is a very good energizer, contributing to the body’s immunity, as bee products do. Rapeseed is good for osteoporosis, for digestion. We also have acacia honey with nuts, which is a delicacy. A special mixture of honey, pollen and propolis, which is called pasture and is also very good for immunity. We also harvest propolis, which we also prepare ourselves and make propolis tincture, which is good for sore throats, stomach aches, and is also a good cicatrizer for the skin. Pollen contains all the B vitamins, it is recommended for anemia, for weak people. We also produce royal jelly, which must be kept in the refrigerator. Manna honey is the only one that is not harvested from flowers, the bee collects from the bark of the tree or it can also be produced on the leaves of the trees. Each type of honey has a different taste and even different properties. We come to this fair every year and we couldn’t wait because we hadn’t been before the pandemic,” said Camelia Farcaș, who came to the Bee Products Exhibition from Hodac commune.

The Gluttony Bee, with sweets at the fair

“We are Albinuta Mancăcioasă and we came today to the Day of Romanian Agri-Food Products with products for immunity, such as honey and sea buckthorn mixtures, sea buckthorn nectar, propolis tincture, pollen and honey, honeycomb. We also have many varieties of honey: linden, polyflora, manna, acacia honey, capacela, which is a kind of wax, it’s basically the layer that covers the honeycomb. And it is said that most of the properties of honey are found in this, in the head. It is good for coughs, sore throats, bronchitis. Propolis is again very good, it’s actually a natural antibiotic. We also have mixes that, as I like to say, replace chocolate, for example honey with different seeds (cashews, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, coconut flakes) and dried fruits. These are real delicacies, and the one with walnut, for example, is good for the brain. The mixture of polyflora honey with sea buckthorn nectar, which especially children consume, and sea buckthorn in acacia honey, have a high intake of vitamin C, are also good for the liver and are antioxidants. Rapeseed honey is good for osteoporosis and can be used in coffee because it doesn’t change the taste at all. Lime honey works very well in the cold season, because it soothes coughs and sore throats”, Bianca Pașcu told us. You can also find Albinuța Mâncăcioasă through Târgu Mureș, at the honey jukeboxes in the Tudor and Unirii neighborhoods.

You will discover more about the winter preparations made from vegetables and fruits, about blue clay, about cheeses and goodies from Batoș, which were also present at the exhibition in Piața Trandafirilor, in future articles.


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