October 2, 2022

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EXCLUSIVE. Top salaries in Târgu Mureș City Hall – News from Mures, News Targu mures

The daily newspaper Zi de Zi presents you, in the lines below, a summary of the salary income recorded in the fiscal year 2021 by the employees with management positions within the Târgu Mureș City Hall, specifying that the hierarchy was drawn up on the basis of the published wealth declarations in 2022 on the institution’s website, www.tirgumures.ro, and the declared salary incomes are the net ones.

Compared to the incomes declared in previous years, we notice a considerable increase in salaries. For example, in the case of an executive director, the annual salary from 2021 is 147% higher compared to 2017, and the salary of a head of service is 98% higher compared to the same year, 2017.

Top director/head salaries in Târgu Mureș City Hall:

1) Soós Zoltán (mayor): 164,268 lei;

2) Alexandru Gyorgy (vice mayor): 146,208 lei;

3) Portik Vilmos Laszlo (vice mayor): 146,016 lei;

4) Ernest Lucian Racz (executive director, Technical Department): 126,805 lei (including the allowance of 10,926 lei from Aquaserv SA Târgu Mureș);

5) Alina Hetrea-Stan (deputy executive director, Social-Cultural Activities Directorate): 122,376 lei;

6) Florina Daniela Miheț (chief architect): 117,186 lei;

7) Claudia Trif (executive director, Local Community Public Service for Personal Records): 116,882 lei;

8) Dorin Popistan (deputy executive director, Technical Department): 115,798 lei;

9) Dorin Belean (executive director, Schools Directorate): 114,871 lei;

10) Dana Ijac (head of service, international financing projects service): 113,707 lei;

11) Horatiu Dănilă Lobonț (deputy executive director, Schools Directorate): 112,943 lei;

12) Simion Cosmin Blaga Zătreanu (deputy executive director, Social-Cultural Activities Directorate): 112,173 lei;

13) Florian Moldovan (director, Public Domain Administration): 111,924 lei;

14) Dianora Monica Buculei (executive director, Legal Department, litigation, local administration): 111,762 lei;

15) Reka Maria Chibelean (head of service, Internal Public Audit): 111,339 lei;

16) Ana Năznean (head of office, Financial Accounting Office): 105,169 lei;

17) Maria Nadia Bîndilă (head of service, Legal Service, administrative litigation): 104,970 lei;

18) Darabont Lazar Tamas (head of service, Directorate of Schools – Service of investments, repairs of schools, churches and hospitals): 103,229 lei;

19) Ioan Damaschin Zosim (head of service, coordination, administration, follow-up, budget approval service): 102,350 lei (including food allowance);

20) Claudia Georgeta Cătană (head of service, budget accounting service – internal financial control): 101,566 lei;

21) Maria Marcela Romonti (head of service, Legal Service, logistics, auctions and owners’ associations): 97,453 lei;

22) Anca Voichița Bâta (general secretary): 96,768 lei;

23) Natalia Corina Stavilă (head of service, tutelary authority service): 96,397 lei;

24) Aurel Adrian Claudiu Trif (head of service, Public, internal and international relations service): 96,321 lei;

25) Luiza Dumitru (head of service, Urbanism Service, sustainable development, computerization): 96,292 lei;

26) Laurentiu Norman Măcean (head of service, Construction Authorization Service): 96,188 lei;

27) Vasile Covaciu (head of service, Civil Status Service): 96,144 lei;

28) Marcel Lifschitz (head of service, Population Records Service): 95,944 lei;

29) Marina Georgeta Ciugudean (head of service, cultural, sports, youth and housing activities service): 95,473 lei;

30) Laszlo Otilia Zsofia (head of service, Land Fund and Agricultural Registry Service): 94,689 lei;

31) Claudia Șuteu (head of office, Single Office): 91,193 lei;

32) Ioana Simona Lungu (head of office, Office for Emergency Situations): 88,740 lei;

33) Eugen Andrei Bugnar (head of office, Energy Office): 88,344 lei;

34) Maria Camelia Murariu (head of office, Office of concessions, rentals and sales): 86,215 lei;

35) Matyasi Miklos Levente (director, Leisure Complex Administration): 85,817 lei;

36) Szekely Zoltan (head of service, Public Relations Service): 77,818 lei;

37) Zenovia Maria Șagău (deputy director, Public Service of Municipal Utilities): 77,500 lei;

38) Emil Virgil Măceșanu (deputy director, Leisure Complex Administration): 77,454 lei;

39) Anamaria Onac (head of service, Logistics Service): 70,519 lei;

40) Irma Costașuc (executive director, Directorate of Projects with international financing, human resources and public relations): 69,768 lei;

41) Florentina Maria Vary (director, Public Service of Municipal Utilities): 69,708 lei;

42) Adela Cristina Amza (head of service, Service for relations with councillors, secretariat, records): 69,113 lei;

43) Vasile Mihai Mureșan (deputy director, Public Affairs Administration): 62,669 lei;

44) Ferencz Emoke (director, Nursery Administration): 59,165 lei.

They have not published their asset declarations, for now (as of August 29, 2022 – na), on the institution’s website: Nicoleta Damian (deputy executive director, Economic Directorate) and Gedo Istvan (deputy director, Public Domain Administration).

They did not have a full activity, for one fiscal year, within the Târgu Mureș City Hall: Sidonia Meda Butiulca (head of service, payroll and human resources service), Ioan Florin Crăciun (executive director, Economic Department) and Mihai Hăbălău (deputy director, Administration of the Leisure Complex).


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