March 25, 2023

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Everything about wine, at the “School of Wine” – News from Mures, Mures Targu News

The second edition of the “Wine School” event, organized in collaboration with the National Federation of Authorized Tasters (FNDA), under the auspices of Vin La Cultură and with the support of, will take place between October 24-27, at the Hotel Business from Târgu Mureș. Thus, during three days, an intensive introductory course in enogastronomy for amateurs will be held.

“This comprehensive course will take away any fear you may have of learning what you’ve always wanted to learn about wine. We start with an overview of some basic wine terms and principles, then take you on a world tour of the famous wine regions and vineyards of the main producing countries. This course will cover topics such as: how to properly taste wine and how to make a good selection in a restaurant or shop. It will also help you pair the best wine with certain foods. We will cover all the characteristics of wine, including its aromas, taste and color, and explore the entire winemaking process, from picking the grapes in the vineyard to bottling the wine. We’ll also cover the essentials of food pairings, so you’ll know in the future what wine to order in a restaurant based on the food you’ve ordered, or what to cook at home based on the wine you have in your refrigerator”, it is specified in the description of the event.

Course schedule

The course will be held every day, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., and the first day includes the following program: Physiognomy and physiology of taste, restaurant and customer behavior to receive quality services and tasting of at least five wines with a description of the sensations. On the second day, the participants will learn about the production of wines and taste at least five wines with a description of the sensations and the procedures for obtaining them. The third day is dedicated to serving techniques, information about the wine-growing areas in Romania and local varieties and the tasting of at least five wines with a description of the sensations. On the fourth day, the objectives are the following: Notions about the “Old World” and the “New World”, the pairing of wines with dishes, the pairing program (its use) and the tasting and pairing of at least five wines with a single dish and different side dishes.

After the course, the graduates will be enriched with the following skills: “You will know winemaking techniques, you will know how to appreciate wine from a visual, tactile, olfactory and taste point of view, you will learn techniques for serving and tasting wine, you will learn information about the main wine-growing areas in Romania and around the world, you will benefit from discounts at all events organized by FNDA, you will be the first to know about national and international food and wine holidays organized by FNDA and AWESOMM, you will receive a free “Just AWESOMM” member account in the AWESOMM club, with all the related benefits (without the wine package) and much more”.

The price for participation is 1,000 lei, and more information can be found on the official page of the event,



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