January 27, 2023

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Europol union: The Traffic Police is replacing the Logan with a BMW. It is the only brand that “falls” on the specifications

The Europol union reported that the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police will buy 600 special police vehicles, pointing out that only one brand met the specifications, namely BMW.

“The tender was a ‘song’ one, we could say, since the technical specifications that the producers had to meet were very tough, but UNA stood out: they wanted a special vehicle with a minimum power of 130 kW, engine on petrol, engine torque min. 290 Nm, permanent 4×4 all-wheel drive (AWD), body type to be AA, and transmission to be automatic on a box of at least (caution!) 8+1 gears. This is where the auction became extremely interesting!”, the representatives of the Europol Union said.

They stated that since the appearance of the notice of participation, dated May 15, 2022, they have been looking for which car models could fit these specifications.

“We were not a little surprised when, after about two weeks of searches and discussions with representatives of major car dealers, we came to the conclusion that the ONLY brand that ‘fits’ these specifications is BMW. And the type of BMW is 320ix. Now, we’re not going to be the ones who are grumpy, it being relevant that we will receive many (hopefully more than one per county) ‘real’ police cars, as many (all) countries in the EU bloc have. But we can’t help asking rhetorically – was that 8+1 speed gearbox really that important?! Couldn’t the IGPR widen the scope a bit and request a wider beach for all the branded car manufacturer to participate in the auction?!” they wrote on the official website.

What specifications should the cars have

They wrote that on September 12, IGPR signed the first follow-up contract with Automobile Bavaria, less than a month after signing the framework agreement. According to the contract, the BMW Romania representative will have to deliver in a maximum of 270 days, according to the specifications, 100 special vehicles with the following characteristics and equipment:

• category M1;
• PETROL fuel;
• cylinder capacity min. 1900 cm3;
• engine min. 4 cylinders, min. 130 kW, min. 290 Nm torque;
• permanent 4×4 transmission, automatic box min. 8+1 steps;
• 1 set of wheels with summer tires and one with winter tires;
• spare wheel + jack + wheel wrench;
• two-way adjustable steering wheel with controls mounted on it included;
• min. 4 airbags;
• fog projectors;
• maximum speed – min. 210 km/h;
• acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h – max. 8 seconds;
• 5 seats;
• white color + specific inscription;
• air conditioning min. 1 zone;
• rearview mirrors with defrosting and electric adjustment;
• adjustable driver’s seat in 3 zones;
• electric windows;
• front/rear rubber floor mats;
• additional trunk socket min. 10A;
• optical-acoustic ramp;
• additional battery identical to the basic one.

The union also conveys that there is a novelty related to the traffic light ramp – warning: “the contracting authority requested the possibility of turning on/off the red and/or blue lights independently, on the entire circumference of the ramp, which we have not seen before from the ramps mounted on the MCV -hate. It is also desired that the warning ramps can illuminate in at least 5 different selectable modes”.

How much do new cars cost?

The contracted price for a special vehicle is 163,343.41 lei (approx. 33,200 euros). The first batch of 100 pieces is expected to enter the endowment of the Romanian Police in June 2023 at the latest, according to the union.

“Also, we cannot fail to notice the fact that in the future, despite ALL insistences, events, reports, examples, etc. which both we and the public opinion have conveyed in recent years, the decision-makers in the Romanian Police continue to label a car as a ‘special car’ on which only a sticker is affixed that says POLICE and is a ramp installed. Further, no reinforced chassis is required, no work-specific accessories are required (mounted additional lights, separate compartment for people driven to the headquarters, separate compartment in the trunk for specific accessories, etc.), but simply a ‘white’ car. Even if we welcome the discount of around 15,000 euros made by BMW on each autospeciala, we can’t help but wonder if the decision makers, in their offices, where they watch TV and brag about the ‘purchases’ made, can think even further that’s all. We are frankly tired of watching press conferences in which the representatives of the IGPR and the MAI present the purchases of equipment or machines as great achievements, although these should be normal, common-sense endowments,” the statement added.

The trade unionists also say that these purchases should be made after a discussion with the police in the field.

“It’s in vain that the IGPR specialists try to catch the eyes of public opinion with branded cars, if on the first road with a drunk driver, the latter starts kicking his feet and head at the policemen in the ‘autospecial’, he will spit on them or he will do his physiological needs in it, since, in the end, the conclusion will be only one – the ‘special cars’ will not prove their usefulness for police work in the street segment”, they concluded.

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