January 27, 2023

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Emil Boc’s challenge: a month without a car. “Eliminate the waste”

The mayor of Cluj, Emil Boc, gives solutions to the people of Cluj regarding the energy crisis. In addition, he challenges the citizens of Cluj to give up the car and take more and more steps, in response to the challenge of the Lithuanian city of Tauragė.


Emil Boc usually walks to work. PHOTO: News from Cluj

The mayor of Cluj, Emil Boc, has a moderate approach to the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.

You don’t have to give up the shower or turn off the public lighting…First of all, you have to eliminate waste. You have to turn off the light bulb that used to run all night regardless of whether it’s on or not. Now to interest you. Simply, everyone should look for solutions to eliminate waste at home. By eliminating waste, we are doing the right thing for both Romania and Europe“, said Boc, at ZIUA LIVE.

A month on foot

The mayor also urged the people of Cluj to travel without cars, as part of a challenge launched by the Lithuanian city of Tauragė: a month without a car.

I remind you that our city has been selected by the European Commission to be among the first 100 climate-neutral cities by 2030. In this context, the Lithuanian city of Taurage invites us to the 100 Sustainable Cities Challenge in the #walk15 application“, said the mayor.

In short, the people of Cluj have to download their application that will count their steps, which will accumulate with those of people from other cities in Europe who participate in the challenge, and for each “around the Earth” that we do together, the municipality of Taurage will plant 100 trees, with a goal of 10,000 trees.

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The challenge runs from September 16th to October 16th.

The mayor argued that parents in towns in the metropolitan area should try to take their children as close to home as possible: “Parents cannot be condemned for wanting to get their children to the best schools in town. It is reprehensible that schools, nurseries and kindergartens were not built in the metropolitan area and no investment was made in increasing the quality of education here.

European Mobility Week

The City Hall of Cluj invites the citizens of Cluj to get involved in the European Mobility Week – an annual European campaign on sustainable urban mobility – which takes place every year between September 16-22.

The European Commission organizes this campaign with the aim of promoting the change of citizens’ behavior in favor of active mobility, public transport and other micro-mobility solutions. This year’s theme of European Mobility Week is “Better Connections”.

In short, on the occasion of the European Mobility Week, we highlight the following ongoing programs in Cluj-Napoca:

– September 16 – Green Friday, program by which public transport is free in Cluj-Napoca every Friday;

– A pilot project was started to encourage selective collection and the use of public transport – in exchange for 15 recycled packaging at the dedicated containers, a free ticket with two journeys for urban public transport is offered. Devices for collecting waste from packaging – glass, plastic, aluminium/metal – can be found at the Zorilor Food Market, respectively at the Flora Food Market;

– Student transport by school buses was resumed on the 14 existing routes (from the Mănăștur, Zorilor – Făget, Gheorgheni, Mărăști, Grigorescu, Bună Ziua, Iris and Lombului districts);

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