March 25, 2023

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Electronic monitoring in the case of protection orders, operationalized in Mureș county – Mures News, Targu Mures News

The Computer Electronic Monitoring System (SIME) is operational in the city of Bucharest and in the counties of Iaşi, Mureş and Vrancea, starting from October 1, for monitoring through electronic surveillance devices, following the issuance of the provisional protection order, the protection order and the European protection order.

According to a press release from the IGPR, sent to AGERPRES on Saturday, between October 2022 and December 2025, following the application of the measures in the case of issuing the provisional protection order, the protection order and the European protection order, the measure of electronic monitoring through surveillance devices can be ordered electronics.

According to the legal norms in force, electronic monitoring in the pilot system is to be applied in three stages.

After Bucharest, Iasi, Mures and Vrancea, in the second stage, in 2024, it will be applied in the counties of Bacau, Brasov, Caraş-Severin, Călăraşi, Cluj, Covasna, Giurgiu, Galati, Harghita, Ilfov, Mehedinţi, Neamţ, Prahova , Sibiu, Satu Mare, Sălaj, Teleorman, Vaslui and Vâlcea and in the third – in the counties of Alba, Arad, Argeş, Bihor, Bistrita-Năsăud, Botoşani, Brăila, Buzău, Constanţa, Dâmboviţa, Dolj, Gorj, Hunedoara, Ialomiţa, Maramureş, Olt, Suceava, Timiş and Tulcea.

For the units in the first phase of the pilot program, the spaces intended for carrying out electronic monitoring activities have been identified and arranged, the procedure for equipping them with the necessary logistics to carry out the electronic monitoring activity has been finalized, states IGPR.

“The use of electronic systems allows an increase in the degree of assurance of measures to protect the rights of protected persons, but it does not represent a coercive measure, but a method of monitoring/surveillance, which allows tracking the manner of compliance with the measures ordered within the framework of some judicial procedures . The use of these systems does not equate to the protection of the physical integrity of the protected persons, but it allows the adoption of measures to prevent and counteract any physical contact between the victim of domestic violence and the aggressor, or, in the future, compliance with the rules imposed by the execution of the measure of house arrest and surveillance at a distance”, the press release states.

The monitoring will be carried out automatically, without human intervention, systematically and exclusively on the territory of Romania, on some electronic devices, based on their identifier and in relation to certain rules.

The identity of the supervised person and the protected person/s, who wear the electronic devices, will be known only by the supervisory body that creates the alert.

During monitoring, the data of the wearers of the surveillance devices is not known, only the identifiers (IDs) of these devices.

“After introducing the alert into the system, the supervisory body will not have access to the location data of the person wearing the electronic device. Only to the extent that an alert will be generated (notifying the violation of an established rule) it will be possible to associate the device identifier with the existing personal data in the case of monitoring, by taking over, automatically, together with the generation of the alert and their transmission, together with other intervention data, to the SIME and SNUAU dispatcher 112 and thus to the nearest public order body, for intervention”, says the IGPR.

The electronic surveillance device, for the supervised person, in the case of the application of the provisional protection order and the protection order, of the application of the European protection order, judicial control and judicial control on bail, the execution of the measure of house arrest, remote surveillance, is made up of a bracelet-type component, which will be attached to the ankle or, by exception, to the person’s arm.

This device will warn the supervised person of the occurrence of an alert – of approaching, of unauthorized leaving the building, of unauthorized exceeding of an established perimeter (inclusion zone), of unauthorized entry into an established perimeter (exclusion zone), of touching the critical battery discharge level and others.

IGPR signed, on September 1, 2022, the framework agreement for the acquisition of the IT system and 15,000 monitoring kits, an agreement that will be implemented over 48 months, its total value being 165,782,991 lei without VAT, following to be signed subsequent contracts for the purchase of all kits.

For the operationalization of the system, the police were trained, and a methodology was issued for the implementation of electronic surveillance.

In the units where the pilot system operates, structural reorganization measures were taken, electronic monitoring compartments were established, and the functions at the level of rural police stations in the three counties (Iasi, Mureş and Vrancea) were supplemented, by organizing patrol compartments and intervention.

In the first eight months of 2022, at the national level, the number of criminal acts that also constitute acts of domestic violence increased by 13.3% (+4,320) compared to the first eight months of 2021 (from 32,601 to 36,921 acts).

Also, in the first eight months of 2022, 7,331 protection orders were issued by the courts, (6.2% (+430) more than in the first eight months of 2021), 3,469 (47, 32%) of their total being from provisional protection orders.

Most – 6,598 representing 90% of their total – were issued at the request of the victims, 564 at the request of the prosecutor and 169 at the request of other institutions empowered in this regard.

Regarding non-compliance with the protection order, 2,166 crimes were reported, 19.7% (+356) more than in the first eight months of 2021, of which 1,398 in urban areas and 768 in rural areas.


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