March 25, 2023

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Electricity bills will come late. The announcement made by the suppliers

Electricity bills will arrive late in the next period. Several providers have already notified their customers that they are adapting their IT systems after the consumption cap was changed.

Also, the parliamentarians are going to vote on other changes, so it is not excluded that in a month you will receive two bills. If you can’t pay them, you can ask for deferment or payment in installments.

“Invoices related to energy consumption from September 1 could be issued late”, states the company Enel in a message sent to customers. The company expects invoices to start rolling in from mid-October.

And Electrica Furnizare announces possible delays, both for physical and electronic invoices.

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Companies have to adapt their IT systems because from September 1, the ordinance capping energy prices has been changed. A new threshold of 255 kwh was introduced. Those who exceed it pay the difference up to 300 kwh at the contract price.

Laurențiu Urluescu, Association of Energy Suppliers from Romania: “I’m sure most suppliers will delay invoices. It is now up to each vendor how quickly they move to upgrade their IT system. We are talking about 10 million customers, it is not that simple. We have a delicate situation upstream, namely the delayed settlement by the state, and then our interest is to collect as quickly as possible”.

Payment of invoices can also be paid in installments

Supplier representatives estimate that invoices will be several weeks late. In some situations, the delays are already long, such as that of the Hidroelectrica company. There are over 200,000 new customers, attracted in the last year by the low prices. On the Facebook group of Hidroelectrica customers, some say that there have been delays for several months.

Viorel Sava, administrator of Hidroelectrica Clients group: “There are customers who have received, but really 90-95% of customers have not received invoices, and the delays are somewhere between 2-3 months, 4 months, 5 months. Invoices can be paid in 45 days”.

Regardless of the provider, if large amounts of payment pile up and you can’t pay the bills, you can ask for payment in installments.

Dana Dărăban, Federation of Associations of Energy Utility Companies: “I don’t expect very large amounts to come in a very short time, but it is true that two bills may come in a very short time. If it cannot be paid within the term provided on the invoice, I urge them to contact the supplier and try an option to pay in installments or postpone the term”.

Zoltan Nagy, ANRE: “If the period is extended and even after a month’s delay the suppliers have not solved the invoices, the problems with the invoicing, it would be appropriate for us to start some control actions to see what the problems and difficulties are.”

From next month, further invoicing delays could occur, after new legislative changes were approved in the Senate: invoicing should be done according to the current monthly consumption, not the average of the previous year, for example, and new categories of beneficiaries were introduced of capped prices, such as families with three children at school. To enter into force, the changes must also be voted by the deputies.

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